Saturday, 14 September 2013

03/09/2013 - Out and about for bits and bobs!

Another early start was called for this morning as we needed to be in Chester for 9am. So unfortunately no gym. I think this is a theme!

I went into my upstairs bathroom to put on my face. I have to walk through the spare room to get to it and noticed that Barney was at the top of a shelving unit, where he so likes to sit. His method of getting down from there isn't to climb down like a normal cat, but to launch himself onto the closest flat surface. At the minute, as there is a tower of wine in there, you can imagine how alarming that is.


Turns out that the surface he jumped onto wasn't as stable as he liked and he took a tumble. And broke his scratching post.

I'm a little bit sad about that as I bought the post for Maia when we first moved into the house. It was in Barney's room when I first moved him in with us, and he and Maia bonded while playing on it. It's now broked. :(

 I know Barn is a heavy cat but seriously, they should make the poles on these things out of stronger material than a cardboard tube! A loo roll can't hold a Barney bum!

Anyway, we had a hot date with our jewellers in Chester so we couldn't lament the loss of our scratching post for too long!

We got the train to Chester and were at the jewellers not long after 9am. Paul's wedding ring was far too big for him and we left it until the last possible moment to get it re-sized in case he lost any more weight. It had to be taken down a whole 2 sizes! We knew they could do it in a day but it turns out that it would only take an hour! Excellent!

We went and had a brew while we waited for the ring to be done. We also took in the pictures for the table names to be printed. An hour later and his ring was a perfect fit!

I had promised Paul that I would take him for burgers at a bar in Chester so we hung around for a while to wait for it to open. We went for a beverage while we waited.

It was a fairly decent day, warm and overcast so we sat outside overlooking the canal. Which is a bit manky. But still - it's better than being indoors!

Paul was enjoying himself. Until we started making a list of things to do over the next few days. That wasn't the most fun in the world.

We then found out that the place I was going to take Paul for lunch didn't open until 4pm. Hmmm. It was 12:30pm. That's a long time to be waiting around! We sacked it off, with the assurance that we'd go back again some other time. Instead we headed back to Liverpool and went to Byron Burger, which has only been open a few months.

It was ok. Nothing special. I think we're both just gutted that we couldn't have the homemade ones that we'd had our heart set on!

Beers all round!

From there, I had a few bits and bobs to get, and Paul went to have his hair trimmed ready for Saturday. I got home before Paul so I started on finishing the seating plan!

Here it is in bits...

Here it is finished!

What do you think?! I'm really pleased with how it came out!

Which one is your favourite? I think mine is 'Superlambanana' but I quite like 'Lancashire HotPot' as well!

After a little more chilling out, it was time for bed once more! It was a mad busy day! Only a few left to go before the maddest one of the lot!

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