Tuesday, 24 September 2013

04/09/2013 - Busy Busy!

Another mad one today. As you can imagine! We managed to get a bit of a lie in this morning, which was nice, then I had to get up and go out to get my nails done!

There's a local place that would do both hands and feet for me. I just had to decide what I wanted!

I went for the classic french polish. I would have had a pale pink on my toes but the lady that was going to paint them said it was too pale for toes. I had no plans for people to be staring at my toes, but I didn't want to be awkward, so I went with her suggestion. How CLEAR polish is any more stand out than pale pink is beyond me...

I shellac on my toes for the first time. I'm really pleased with it! Will definitely have it done again! Much more reliable than normal polish.

Pretty, no? So there I am, all ship shape and ready to go!

Once I got back, Paul headed over to our photographer's house to go and pick up a few bits and bobs, and finalise details. He was greeted by two gorgeous faces!

That's Bill and Bob (not sure which is which), our photographer's dogs! They're just too adorable!

Paul's primary purpose was to pick up our photo guest book. Instead of a normal guest book BOOK we decided to flatter our egos and get a big picture of ourselves for people to sign!

 We're not bad are we?! I'm looking forward to it appearing at our wedding and people signing it! Although as we all know our wedding has passed, I can tell you that not as many people signed it as I thought would, and there are still plenty of gaps. So if you were at our wedding and didn't sign it, come to visit and then you can! Heck, you're more than welcome to sign it even if you didn't come to the wedding!

We needed to pop to the shops to get a few more bits and bobs (wedding are expensive) and while we were there I found my final wedding accessory.

As you all know, I've been checking the weather religiously numerous times a day. It forecasts rain. And lots of it. So there was only one last thing that could complete my wedding day look...

How cute are these?! My something blue! :)

I hope I don't have to wear them...but in some respects I also hope that they do!

Chris decided not to come over this week so he could do stuff for his own wedding, so we were able to keep sorting bits and bobs a lot longer without feeling the need to tidy up around us. The house is an absolute pigsty. Meh.

We were a little later to bed than we would have liked for a busy day tomorrow, but hey - we're crazy and reckless like that!

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