Tuesday, 24 September 2013

05/09/2013 - Reality Bites

Another day another weird 'I can't believe we're doing this' feeling!

Once we got up and had a couple of cups of tea so Paul could miss the rush hour traffic, we packed up the car with all the booze!

Ah, the booze. The part of the wedding that the guests look forward to.The 'free booze' portion of the day. And having met our families, there really does need to plenty of it. So we put the back seats down in Paul's car and filled the boot with treats galore!

Impressive, no? What's even more impressive is that we had some left after the wedding! Granted, nowhere near as much as this, but even given the amount of hangovers I heard about, I was very surprised to see what was left! But let's just revel in the amount of alcohol in this car! Oh, and there's juice...and Schloer. For the non-drinkers.

Apparently the caterers decided to pour plain cava for people instead of the bucks fizz we had asked them to provide, yet we didn't get any orange juice back...hmmmm.

While Paul was delivering the goods, I was sorting boxes of stuff for each table, including decoration (except flowers), each person's place card and favour and all the other bits and bobs. We also decided to place a glass with sweets in on each table in case people are peckish. One of which I dropped on my toe.

Ow. Over two weeks later that mark is still there! It came up instantly and won't go away!

Guys, this afternoon was awful. I was sooooo stressed! Trying to get everything sorted in time to make a second trip to the venue before it closed was going to be tight.

Barney helped to a certain extent but mostly just left me be. To be honest, I could have done with the help!

We had to make one or two sacrifices to get everything done but I don't think it was the end of the world. I think the tables looked great!

We packed all 11 boxes into the car, along with a few other bits and bobs that needed dropping off today and luckily got to the barn in plenty of time. Then we were asked a myriad of questions about the day, what we wanted, where and how. It was terrifying!

As it was about 5pm when we finished, we went to the pub at the bottom of the driveway for a drink to wait for all the traffic to go down. There we sat. I was in quite a lot of shock. We had just delivered pretty much everything for our wedding. Anything else would be going on the day. Our work was nearly done! I needed a drink!

This glass of wine lasted me a good while as I went through a range of emotions. Mostly I was scared that we had forgotten something! Not that I could think for the life of me what it was that we could have forgotten, but I was sure that there was something!

The actual reality that our wedding stuff was all at our venue and there was little to nothing that we could do about anything now was such a strange feeling!

 The entrance to our venue. Next time I am here will be the wedding! ARGH!

We went back to the house and tried to pack for the next few days. I failed. There was too much to do and not enough time. We had to take the cats over to Manchester this evening! So we gave up! We decided to head back here tomorrow to get the final bits packed before heading off TO OUR WEDDING! EEK!

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