Thursday, 26 September 2013

06/09/2013 - Almost there...

It's the day before W-day! EEEEEEEEK!

We spent last night at Paul's parents' house as being in my messy I-DON'T-KNOW-WHERE-ANYTHING-IS house was making me a little nuts. Seriously. I was freaking out a little. I couldn't think what to pack, so we made the decision to come back to the house early to pack everything. Nothing like doing it last minute!

We also had to take the cats over with us as Paul's parents said that they would look after them while we were away. They love it in that house so it's the best place for them to be!

Barney loves lying there by the patio doors looking out over the garden at all the birdies he can't chase!

Maia prefers lying on top of that Rohan box on the wardrobes. Only my cat would want to be part of the Rohirrim! That's my girl!

We left Paul's parents a little after 9 to head into Manchester to pick up a couple of bits and bobs. A delivery or two hadn't arrived in time so we needed to get replacements.

We then needed to go to the garden centre to get some nice rose plants for our Mums as gifts. We didn't want to just give bouquets as they don't last long. We want a lasting reminder of our wedding day for many years to come.

While we were walking around the roses, Paul got a text from his Mum. Telling us that 3 people weren't coming to the wedding. Day guests (also known as the expensive guests). Um...cue melt down.

I was only going nuts for a few minutes. I needed to focus. Instead of trying to persuade the drop outs to reconsider and still come, we invited colleague T and her husband in their place! We also invited their teenage daughter but they decided not to bring her as she'd get bored. And we don't want boring people at our wedding!

So after texting T to tell her to find a hat, we carried on with our day!

We got back to the house and had a brew. I then started packing and it turns out that I had sorted most of the stuff that we needed yesterday, which made things a little easier! Then I did a bit of tidying up because around lunchtime Lucy turned up with my wedding dress! She had gone to collect it for me from the dress place to save us a journey! She brought A with her so we got a little play time in before having to head out!

Once we were confident that we had got everything we needed, we headed over to Formby and our posh hotel. The room was ready for us, and we had been put in the 'bridal' suite! It wasn't the room that we had wanted, although now I think about it, it was the best room for us to be in! It was HUGE!

Yup. Giant bed and seating area.

Nice big dressing table for us!

Double doors into the bathroom!

And the best part of the whole room:

Giant swimming pool bath!

We didn't have time to wonder and marvel at how amazing our digs were, because we had massage treatments booked! We had a tension couples massage (we weren't expecting to be in the same room) and it was looooooovely!

We were also allowed to use the facilities for a while, so we had a rest in the jacuzzi, some time in the steam room, a sauna and a relax on the hot stone beds. It was really nice and we felt so relaxed afterwards!

When we got back to our room, Paul headed out to the supermarket to pick up some fizz (because it's our wedding, damnit) and I unpacked everything. I also took a shameless selfie, which would end up being the penultimate picture I would take of myself as a 'miss'!

I was also allowed to check out my dress and make sure all was well (kinda too late if it wasn't) and make sure it was hung up well in the wardrobe. I couldn't let it hang completely as I didn't want to risk Paul seeing it! I know he would have stayed out the wardrobe if I asked him to, but still. No.

Yes - we spend the night before our wedding in the same room. It cost a bomb. Why shouldn't he enjoy it too?! He paid for it!

There she is! All ready for me for tomorrow!

There's Paul, showing just how big our bed was!

After some stalling, we dressed and prettified and headed down to the restaurant to have dinner. It was included in our package, which was good as it meant that we didn't have extra costs to worry about!

We were taken to our table which overlooked the golf course, and the waitress was very apologetic when she said that the weather was nasty and it wasn't much to look at. "We're getting married in this tomorrow, so we're getting used to it!" I replied.

We ordered our food and generally chilled out.

After our starters were eaten and plates cleared, the gentleman at the table next to us said "excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing - did you say you're getting married tomorrow?"

Yes, we replied.

"We were also married on the 7th September. 50 years ago. Tomorrow is our golden wedding anniversary!"


This was a complete coincidence, but a lovely surprise, so we chatted to them for a bit. It was lovely to see a couple still so completely in love, and happy after so long. I just hope that the same can be said for us after 50 years!

After dinner, we headed back to our room and opened a complimentary bottle of wine which was in our room. I also ran a bath. I wasn't going to let that thing go without a paddle!

It took FOREVER to fill up but boy was it worth it!

We had the TV on, and were watching Shaun of the Dead while making our final prep for tomorrow. We buffed, polished and moisturised, whilst slurping on some pretty average rose.

I also wrote my last blog post as a 'miss', which if you missed it (see what I did there?!) you can read it here.

It then came time for beddybyes. I put on my moisturising gloves, turned off the light (I was shattered) and left Paul finishing the dinner playlist while I got some much needed beauty sleep ahead of the next day!

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