Sunday, 1 September 2013

23/08/22013 - Friday, for the WIN!

We've FINALLY made it to Friday! This makes me so happy! I do enjoy a good Friday. Especially when it's before a nice bank holiday weekend! Extra day off is extra reason to be happy!

Of course, when you're me and you make up feeling lousy again (mostly the cold's fault but an argument could be made for the prosecco not helping matters!) you realise that you've taken a week off from the gym, a mere few weeks before the wedding. Well done, us. Slow clap.

Into work and more hole punching all day! I'm nearly done with that so hopefully my repetitive strain injury can start to heal. Along with my lurgy. And my liver. I'm really damaging myself at the moment, aren't I?!

I do try to help myself:

Look! I ate a tangerine! And I managed to get the skin off in one piece! This is a winning achievement!

Yes, small victories like this make me happy. At least it's a victory!

Work happened, was done and was over. I was lucky enough to be allowed to leave 15 minutes early because we had worked so hard that day! Go team! Another winning moment.

I forgot to mention that yesterday we had scoured all our local shops for a bottle of the wine that we are going to be serving at our wedding! My parents have been kind enough to get it for us, and since they told me what it was, I've been looking for it everywhere! Could we find it? Could we heck!

However, when Paul went to the shop today, he stumbled across it with no problem whatsoever!

 There's a little teaser for you, guests! We're having the above Sauvignon Blanc as our wedding white wine.

It's nice! Inoffensive and light! Well done Mum and Dad! I bet it was so hard for them to have to taste all those wines. It's a dirty rotten job!

We had a nice turkey and bacon salad for dinner, stayed up watching some tv probably longer than we should have, and drank some gin. Bad Caroline and Paul. Well, we've had a naughty week. May as well end it still being naughty!

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