Sunday, 1 September 2013

24/08/2013 - Two weeks to go!

Ah the joy of being close to the wedding! I have a given Saturday title for my blog! I'm going to be screwed in a few weeks time, aren't I?! It's already difficult to be original!

Yes - two weeks today I will be getting married and all this hard work will be out there for all to see (and then a few weeks later for you blog followers who are there in spirit)!

I woke up feeling crappy. My fiancé got me drunk last night. It's all his fault. He force fed me gin. Had I not known there was gin I wouldn't have wanted it. Yes Paul, my small hangover was YOUR FAULT. I still had my cold as well, so instead of strong painkillers, I took Day Nurse and hoped that would help.

It did!

We had a hot date in town to keep today, as we needed to get wedding stuff done. You know, because it's two weeks to go and all that?!

To keep Paul sweet (even though he got me drunk last night) I took him for breakfast. We usually go to the same cafe just in the business district of town. We like it because it's cheap and quirky. They have murals on the walls and since last time we went, they've made it even bigger!

 A cafe with painted cats on the walls?! How could I not love it?!

I had a lighter meal, what with feeling a little delicate (did I mention Paul got me drunk last night?!) but Paul had a full English breakfast.

Does that make you feel hungry?!

From there, once we were fed and watered, we headed to town to look for wedding ties for Paul and the boys. We also needed to get a few other bits for Paul's outfit and something to keep me warm in the evening of our wedding, as once the sun goes in, it's a bit nippy  up there!

We found Paul's tie in the first shop we looked in. We looked around a little more just in case, but in the end, as is always the way, we went back and got it. We were so lucky because it's in a REALLY expensive shop, and when Paul had seen this particular tie in the week, there was a sale on. When we got there today, the sale was nowhere to be seen. It had finished, and all the sale goods were packed up to be sent back to wherever these things go. Lucky for us, they hadn't sent them back when they were supposed to, so sold us the tie for the sale price, and even put it in a posh box for us! :)

We got ties for the two ushers as well, and all the other bits and bobs that we needed to get.

Success was ours, and we headed home feeling smug!

We had a few hours to chill at home and then we had to head out to one of Paul's friend's 50th birthday party! Not our usual kind of Saturday night, but hey - it gets us out of the house, and she's coming to our wedding so we should go to her party too?!

The sky was gorgeous tonight. Really nice pink tones. The picture doesn't do it justice.

The party was in, basically, a working mens club. It was nothing fancy. But it was fun. The DJ was very good and she had put on a good spread.

Our wedding photographer was there (hi Lesley!) as were another couple who had their pictures taken by the same photographer so that was nice!

We had a couple of drinks (yes - I was well behaved for once!) but it would be rude to leave without having a dance with the birthday girl!

I think Paul enjoyed himself. They were the only two out there for a while. Until we joined them!

We got our train home (an hour later than planned) and headed straight for bed. So rock n roll!

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