Sunday, 1 September 2013

26/08/2013 - I'm a real girl!

This bank holiday weekend in Liverpool is usually a music festival. When I worked in a pub in town, this weekend was pure insanity. The pub I used to work in was right opposite the entrance to Mathew Street - home of the infamous Cavern Club, which is synonymous with The Beatles. This bank holiday weekend plays host to The Mathew Street Festival. We used to work all day from the Friday night to the Monday night, with very little in the way of break time in the middle. It was the hardest work I have done in a very long time.

Until I started planning a wedding!

Nah, that's not strictly true. Today I did get my first taste of a mad Monday like they were all those years ago when I worked at the 'Hogs.

Today we are making a start on our seating chart - put off from yesterday. I only had a few hours of Paul though, as he had a football match in Manchester to go and watch! It's been AGES since he's been away overnight, so I have to make the most of him while he's here!

We had to get the hessian out again. Because we've still got a ton of the stuff! Luckily for us, we have an idea what to do with a lot of it.

See what I mean about there being rather a lot of it?

You probably can't tell, but that's a Barney under there. Now look at the picture above and see if you can see him.

He loves to help us out, especially where the hessian is involved. I think he'll be sad once it's all used up!

This makes him look small! We've finally found his angle!

I cleared our coffee table ready to get this show on the road...and realised that all this wedding crafting has somewhat damaged it...

Think it's time to get a new one! It's a good job this one only cost me £20!

I'm not going to reveal what we did, because as it turns out, I'm actually really proud of it so far, so want to keep it a surprise!

 Barney is keeping it secret, keeping it safe. :)

Once Paul left for the football I carried on with working on the chart. I needed some entertainment so decided to rain Sky Movies archive for something I could watch. And then it hit me: I'm home alone. Now is the perfect time for chick flicks / rom coms that Paul has no interest in watching!

Admittedly, I have very little interest in watching them as well, but I needed mindless and harmless entertainment while creating my masterpiece.

First up, I watched what I have been told is arguably the greatest chick flick of all time: The Notebook.

I have never seen it before. I was told I would cry. I did. It's lovely.

It kinda went downhill from there. I think I peaked too soon. Next up was 'Crazy Stupid Love'...another Ryan Gosling job!

This was quite entertaining. It's certainly not the most amazing movie of all time but it was fine!

As I say, it went downhill.

Next was 'Friends with Benefits'...

It was...exactly what you imagine it to be. Nothing more or less.

And lastly... 'What's your Number?'

Yeah. This movie has Spock, Bilbo Baggins, Jeff Winger and Captain America in it. Yes, you read that right. They were there and that was that. Very predictable where it was going. Good cast, though!

I HAD to go to bed by the end of this movie. It was very late but I had been working really hard all evening! Hardly had a break!

I got into bed but was still wide awake. For hours.

I knew both cats were on the bed. So in the dark I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. This is what I found...


Still didn't help me sleep though!

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  1. all these surprises.. those of us not making it to the wedding are all like..


    Can't wait for the pictures..

    oh, yeah, and for you to get married.. (but you knew that right?)