Saturday, 14 September 2013

28/08/2013 - Pre-Wedding Whedonsday

Again - today was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago so I'll try to remember what I did! :)

I went to work as I generally do on a Wednesday. No gym due to the fact it's closed on a Wednesday early morning. Can't say I'm sad about that!

While I was at work, I sent Paul out to take some photographs for our tables for the wedding. We decided to name our tables, rather than having numbers or letters. Speaking as someone who's usually on the last table, sometimes it's nice to not feel like you're being picked last for a spot at the wedding! We also decided to mix everything up when it came to where the tables are on the seating chart so as it turns out, the table that was last on the plan was actually one of the best in the room!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that Paul came back with!

Penny Lane. Obviously a Beatles song and not too far from where we live!

This is a Superlambanana. Why? Well...why not?! It's pretty cool though, so we named a table after him!

Paul bought a copy of the above album specifically to take a picture of it for one of our tables! It's a good album, so why not?!

Yeah. These are made in Wigan. They're minty sweets which can cure a cold with a single suck! That's not strictly true, but they're part of my youth (and the name's quite funny) so we named a table after them!

After work we came home for what was potentially the last Whedonsday before the wedding. Turns out it was as next week was a bit...mental...

Anyway, Paul decided that this week to make it a bit special, we'd have a beer tasting to help Paul choose his beers for the wedding! We were allowed to buy some in as Paul loves his beer (big shock, right?) so we had to make some choices. As Paul is a beer snob, and I have very little in the way of ability to taste, we used Chris as our guinea pig!

We tried all of the above. I can only remember the second one from the left actually being at the wedding though. I would have to ask Paul about the others and he's not here!

Suffice to say, we enjoyed all of the above, and Whedonsday as a whole! It was a merry affair!

It was weird saying to Chris as he left "if we don't see you next week, see you at the wedding!" Just odd!

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