Saturday, 14 September 2013

29/08/2013 - More Wedding Work!

We got up and went to the gym this morning because we're good people and that's what good people do! I needed to get myself wedding ready!

I then went to work. Paul took another table name picture.

 Bury Black Pudding. I can't stand the stuff. Paul loves it. Paul went to school in Bury. So we allowed it! He said that this black pudding was amazing and will now only buy it in sausage form. That's nice.

I had a very busy day in work, which was fine. Penultimate day so it's all exciting! I then came home to finish up the decor for the table plan WHICH I CAN NOW SHOW YOU! :D :D :D

Monday night, Tuesday night and this evening I was making these frames out of card (Amazon packaging to be precise!) and covering them in decorative paper. I'm really proud of them! Ok, they're a little wonky, but who likes perfect...

My assistants were...assisting, as you can imagine.

He stole my seat and proceeded to ignore me while chomping on his paw. And then the next paw. He had a good wash.

Moo stole the other seat and then went to sleep, ignoring me completely. Diva.

So I took all the bits and bobs inside, added them to the seating plan parts I had already made on Monday, and arranged them as I saw fit. Here is the 'nearly' finished article!

 Like it?!

We have two layers of hessian over the A1 board that we had bought. I then put pale pink material (which matches the colour of the bridesmaid dresses) round the corners to neaten those up a bit (I was watching The Notebook at the time of doing that bit, if you recall Monday's post). I then added the buttons in the four corners. I had bought those buttons ages ago but they were too big for what I bought them, but perfect for this task!

I then glued the button at the top centre (measured to the exact millimetre) and made the bunting by hand (whilst watching Crazy Stupid Love) and stamped our names onto them. Typical that my name is twice as long as Paul's so it looks a little daft, but it's not so bad, right?

I had made a border similar to the ones above but realised that with the 3D bunting, the frames would need to be 3D as well, hence all the extra work I gave myself!

I think people liked it, though. I hope so. Wedding guests, please tell me you liked it!

I decided that was enough for the evening. Paul handed me a little treat and we watched something quite dull on the TV while I wound down a little.

A well earned glass of red. Please don't judge my DVD collection on the few you can see - I have better ones too, promise!

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