Saturday, 14 September 2013

30/08/2013 - My last day in work as a 'miss'!!!

Weird weird weird day! As the title says, I finish work today for the madness of the pre-wedding build up...and the post wedding jubilation!

I had to be in work early so no gym this morning. Aherm. Bad Caroline.

I posted on Facebook first thing that "It's Caroline Hartley's last day in work today. Ever. EEKS! — feeling happy."

Yeah. People didn't get it. I had so many people comment derivatives of "You becoming a lady of leisure?" or "You giving up work?". Um. Some of these people were coming to the wedding! HOW DO YOU NOT GET IT?! Silly sausages! Of course, there's the small chance that people aren't as fully wrapped up in this wedding as I am (surely not) and therefore didn't manage to put the very obvious 2 and 2 together!

I had to train T to do some of my work today, so I needed to get a great deal of it done before getting that done. That included sorting the mountain of post that was accumulating. Within the post I found these:

Yup. Wedding cards. Our first ones! This is getting very real now! Totally wasn't expecting any so I may or may not have gotten a little teary. Oops.

After my training with T, we had a pretty relaxed afternoon. Because we could! Also, because our fridge looked like this:

Fruit. Yogurt. Water. Milk. Prosecco.

I like it. It's exactly what should be in our fridge! So with the end of the day nearly upon us, we cracked that bad boy open!

One for A, T and me! I have to say, I think I quite like this bubbles in the office thing! Obviously it can't be a regular occurrence and it was a special occasion and we won't be making a habit of it every Friday...maybe just the last Friday of the month...which this is as well, so therefore fully justified! :)

I robbed a load of boxes which I needed for the wedding, packed them up in the car and headed off to my life of luxury! Hahahahha!

We also might have got another bottle of prosecco to celebrate me finishing work for two weeks. It may have been enjoyed very much...

So we chilled and watched some tv for the rest of the evening, and generally did not a lot! The mental days were about to begin, so why not so naff all?!

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