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31/08/2013 - Chickity China the Chinese Chicken!


If any of you are curious by the title of today's entry then a) where were you in 1998 and b) check out the below video!

Yes. I was singing this aaaaaallllll day! :)

I decided to have a small lie in this morning. We were getting a visit from my parents later on, but I thought I'd stay and do a bit of wedding crafting in bed!

I counted the amount of paper cranes I had made with the idea to use them as wedding decor. I didn't have enough for what I was going to use them for, so set about making more. Maia decided that I wasn't paying her enough attention and so came to join me...

Gorgeous girl.

She was not impressed that I was paying the cranes more attention than her. So the cranes had to go.

I managed to rescue them from her with minimal damage and drool marks. Thank goodness!

When I eventually got my lazy backside out of bed, I had a few bits to move round to make space for the delivery from my Mum and Dad later on. There were some empty boxes, which as you can imagine, were a  big hit with certain residents of our house!

Happy silly kitties!

I was busy lugging things here and there when my parents arrived. They then had a lot of stuff to lug into the house as well! They brought all the booze for the wedding NEXT WEEKEND! EEK! Plus a few other decorative items which I will show you at some stage. Not sure when.

Barney was being his usual nosey social self, but Maia was nowhere to be found, until I wandered upstairs to find this:

I consider that box well and truly claimed. I think it's now full of stuff, sadly, but I will empty it for you again, Moo!

We made reservations in town for some lunch, and headed to Bistro Franc for a nice three course lunch!

I was drinking water with my wine. I am a good girl really!

I had leek and potato soup to start. It was nice, but I couldn't really taste anything much. I had to add loads of pepper for it to have a taste impact. Stupid disability!

I then had a stuffed pepper for main. It was DELICIOUS! It was stuffed with risotto and a light sprinkling of cheese. I wolfed it down!

Doesn't look like a lot but it was yum! I could have licked the slate clean!

For pudding I had a creme brulee. It was fantastic. Not as good as the one we had at our wedding meal tasting, but still pretty good. My Dad had the same and enjoyed it too!

After a short wander through town, we headed back to the house, and then Mum and Dad left. Would be seeing them next on our wedding day. ONE WEEK TODAY. ARGH!

Knowing how close we are to the wedding and how much time is left (have I mentioned that it's only one week?!) we set about making the Order of the Day programme for the guests. This was completely unnecessary as we were having no hymns etc, but I have always said I would do one, so do one I did!

And when I say one...there were 6 different ones! 3 different inserts in two different covers.

This is one of the two covers, with a quote from my favourite book - Captain Correlli's Mandolin on the cover!

The other cover had a Dr Seuss quote on it, all about mutual weirdness. You know the one!

Anyway, we had to fold all of these, and all of the different inserts. Then we had to decorate the covers, with my old friend - the corner stamp!

This stamp wasn't cheap but it hasn't half had some use this wedding! I'm sure I may well use it again before I can close the lid on our wedding!

Letting the ink dry was the painful part. A few may have got slightly smudged and if you got one of those I apologise. We have a bunch left over so if you want a fresh one just let me know!

Then it was time to come inside because, more importantly than the wedding programmes, it was time for the first ep of X Factor! Yes, it's back! That means that the countdown to Christmas is ON!

Whilst watching the show, and chatting about it with my regular X Factor confidantes (whom I won't name here as they might shout at me...) I carried on with the stationery!

First up, the middles needed securing into the covers, and to keep with our rustic theme, we used twine to do so! But before then, we needed to punch the holes through which we would be threading the twine. After much trial and error I got it right!

A much smaller hole punch than I'm used to! Even though I'm not in work for a while now I can't escape these things, can I?!

From there we threaded the twine through, and we also needed to thread a pencil into the bow before securing it, as our guests would be needing to use one (if they were going to be perfect wedding guests, that is)!

And we were done!

I'm really really pleased with them! I think they look great all in that basket! 

They didn't stay in that basket as they were placed on each chair for the guests, rather than distributed by ushers. 

The reason that I put a pencil with them is that inside I had put a puzzle! There were two different sudoku and a word search! I know that sounds a bit random but ever since I went to a wedding where the bride was VERY late, I said "she could at least have put something in the Order of Service so we don't get bored!" and from there I swore that I would. So I did! I have received word that people did do them as the few I found on the day hadn't been completed! My new father in law did his, and also Paul's cousin did as well!

We went to bed happy and glad that another job could be ticked off the list! PHEW!

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