Friday, 6 September 2013

We interrupt our (not so) regular schedule...

Hi readers,

I'm sorry my posts have been all over the place recently. The wedding has completely taken over my life. I will catch up over the next few weeks though, I promise!

Tomorrow at 2pm I am getting married! This is my last blog post as a Miss!

We have still had stresses all this week, and even up to this morning with people deciding that they can't make it at the last minute but we're now at a stage where we can do sod all about it so why worry?

I'll go into more detail when I'm doing my post for the day, whenever that is, but right now Paul and I are at our hotel after being pampered for a few hours. We're in a fairly sizable suite with a bath that can probably fit a small family in it and still have room to soak!

I am remarkably calm. Far more relaxed than I thought I would be at this stage. Yesterday was stress and nerves but right now - zen! Paul is chilled as well. We're both just looking forward to the day!

My dress is hanging in the wardrobe (Paul won't look - he's a good boy!) and we have prosecco in the fridge chilling. There are a few last odds and ends to do, but our friends are slowly making their way to Southport to join us for our special day tomorrow!

Thank you for all your kind words in the run up to the wedding! Paul and I really appreciate the support!

I will post lots of pictures of the day, probably in separate posts to my daily blogs so you can see all the work that we have been doing over the past few months.

It's terrible weather outside. It's been rainy all day and won't be changing tomorrow. I don't care. So long as I marry my handsome Paul, nothing can ruin my day. Although please don't test that theory! If you're coming to the Hartley/Kirkham wedding, please have fun, eat cheese (I've seen a pic of the cheese cake - it looks amazing!) and for crying out loud DANCE!

For the last time as Miss Hartley (this is sooooooo weird!), I'll catch you on the flip side!



Shameless selfie in our suite! The dress is behind that mirror!

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