Wednesday, 30 October 2013

18/10/2013 - Time for a little relaxation!

Happy 30th birthday to my cousin Karen! :)

Up nice and early for the gym again! We're getting back into this habit, ain't no mistake!

From the gym, the usual get up rigmarole and then to work.

Then I draw a blank a little. I can't remember what really happened today! Isn't that always the way with me?!

I got through work and survived. I made it home and was able to relax for the first time aaaaallll week! If I thought I was relaxed during the week, not as much as I was this evening.

Say hello to my little friend! ;)

A lovely glass of something red doesn't half help relax you after a busy week! Possibly not the best idea after my head has been so dodgy all week, but boy did it taste good!

We watched some tv for a bit and then had a browse through Netflix to see if there was anything we fancied.

(Sorry for the blurry pic)

We might have to check out Tucker & Dale vs Evil at some stage! Not this evening though. We settled on regular Friday night viewage.

We watched 8 out of 10 cats, as ever, and then Alan Carr's chat show...which had Britney Spears on it. Her botox is doing her no favours. I don't understand the desire to make your face not move! Sure, I wish I didn't have the laughter lines around my eyes and worry lines on my forehead but I don't want my face to not move at all. I want to look like I'm happy when I laugh - not make noises that sound like a seal!

Then to bed. Busy and exciting day tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

16/10/2013 - Playing with Pictures

I remember what happened today! WHOOP!

Day started off very much the same old same old. No gym (it's a Wednesday) and then off to work, blah blah.

I had ordered some new ink cartridges for the franking machine (or Frankie, as he is known here) and they were delivered late.

I exchanged them for the ones that were already in there. Nothing. Still 'empty' apparently.

I figured that maybe the sensor needed cleaning or something.


I took apart what I could take apart, and noted that the ink had been leaking, so cleaned everything up.


So now we have a bust franking machine and I looked as though I had committed a violent murder as I was covered in red ink!

I came home and soaked my hands for a while hoping it would come off. It was better than it had been but still not perfect.

Note the slightly redder fingers, the red splodges etc. Lovely.

Still - no time to dwell as it's #Whedonsday!

Chris came over and we watched The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which was good fun. We ate sausage and cranberry risotto, which was delicious (and I neglected to take a picture of it...oops) and drank beer!

Paul got this one especially for me! I call it Hubert, which was my Grandad's name, and therefore, by default, it's going to be amazing!

Earlier in the day (it's all coming flooding back to me now!) I had discovered that some of the pictures I had taken, and considered uploading to other blog entries had been made into gifs by Google! While I don't like that all my pictures I put on here are accessible through my google+ (that I didn't really want) and therefore can be seen by anyone who has my email address rather than people who linked to my blog, these gifs are nifty!

Let me see if I can upload them here!

 Maia giving me love eyes and Nathan Fillion. Because...yeah. You know. :)

 I am going to try to make more of these! They make me giggle! If google are going to auto-back up my images and switch the option back on even when I switch it off, I'm going to make full use of the facility!

I also discovered that my phone could make gif things as well. With most of the picture static and something moving, if you like.

This was my first attempt. Maia's ear has caused a little issue with it but otherwise it amuses me! I will get better at this too!

After Chris left, we chatted for a bit then went to bed. Crazy reckless end to an evening or what?!

Monday, 28 October 2013

15/10/13 - Technical problems Tuesday!

Ok, so there weren't really technical problems today as such. Just with me trying to publish this post!

You see, the letter T on our laptop stopped working and instead decided to tab up to the browser bar, rather than DO WHAT WE WANTED IT TO! This was the case on all browsers so I had to give up for a while.

It's now fixed. The only down side is that I can't really remember much about what happened! I'll give it a go for you though. I'm nice like that! I really hope I tweeted something...NOPE. Hmmmm.


I'm guessing that we went to the gym this morning, because we're good people, and then went to work.

Judging by the plethora of emails I sent today at work, I was having a very productive day of clearing a load of the crap I have accumulated over the past few weeks!

Our office franking machine has been playing up something shocking, and decided today that it was going to run out of ink completely and not even attempt to print anything. It's a temperamental bugger of a thing!

After work, I got home and was planning a really productive evening, but instead I sat and messed about on my laptop. Because I'm lazy. And I like it!

Paul decided to treat us to a beer that my Dad had given us. Except it doesn't look much like a beer...

It looks like a chocolate drink or a coffee with cream on top! Nope - it's a beer. I was a bit afraid of it, but it was acceptable while we watched How I Met Your Mother and other televisual greats!

For dinner we were being boring and having a spanish omelette. Well, we can't have dinner being boring, can we?

Yes, I play with my food. No, I'm not ashamed of it!

Then I believe we did nothing of note so probably had a slightly later night than either of us would have wanted, and went to bed.

At a guess. Because we're predictable really aren't we?

I bet anyone who reads this blog could stand in for me, guess what we did of a day and get it pretty much bob-on!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

14/10/2013 - Little BEEP!

No gym this morning. Head still ouchy. *sigh*

I was woken rather abruptly by Paul cursing from the kitchen when he got up to take a shower. Apparently in the middle of the night some magical creature had come into the house, got into my handbag and mangled my phone charger.

What sort of crazy beast does this type of thing?!

Oh that's right - Little Beeps. Little Beeps do exactly that kind of thing. But only when it's a bright coloured or white wire.

Urgh. He did the same thing to Paul's Mum's camera cable while they were at our wedding.

Even with my sore head, I went to work ( although probably shouldn't have) and was greeted by my Boss telling me that he'd put a virus on my machine.


While IT were faffing on my machine, I didn't really have a great deal that I could do. So I tried to repair my phone cable with electrical tape.

It's certainly...different! Maybe I should cover the whole thing in black tape so Little Beep doesn't notice it?!

Once I eventually got onto my machine and was able to do some work but by this point my head was pounding even more and I just wanted to go home!

When I did eventually manage to go home, I took myself off to bed. I only came down for dinner (chicken salad) and I caught up with Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure - Paul doesn't watch it, I hasten to add!), then we watched Castle and Hawaii 5-0 together. Good eps. Cameo from Hurley from Lost, which was nice! Little in-jokes between him and Daniel Dae-Kim, which are always a hoot!

Then we enjoyed a peppermint tea and then bed. Again, a crazy life I lead!

Saturday, 19 October 2013


I woke up at 2:30am and was very sick.

I eventually got back to sleep again and when I woke up second time it felt like someone was jabbing a red hot poker through my temple and into my eye.

That's right, folks. Migraine attack. Just perfect. Typical when I am using a different bag so I don't have any medication. Just wonderful.

I wasn't at all well but had to put on a brave face. I actually just preferred to be lying down in the dark. Not good.

My bro was a trooper and as soon as the shops opened, he went out to get me some medicine which is a) very expensive, and b) not easy to get if the pharmacist is being picky. As my bro used to sell the medicine, he managed to blag it, for which I am massively grateful.

After the tablets kicked in, we had another brew then packed to head off. Not going far though - only to my parents' house!

We said we'd stop by to see them and see the kitties before heading back up north. The cats had been in a bit of a fight the previous weekend, so they were a bit jittery but it was still  nice to see them.

 You all remember Commadore Charles Zeus Zoltan III Hartley, right? Well, he's still as dashing as ever and a funny little fella! He loves to play, but then again he is only a baby (compared with my kitties, anyway!) and loves nothing more than to carry mouseys about the house!

 You should also remember the gorgeous Sophie. No, her name isn't as grand as Charlie's but she's his mama, so she gets all the respect she deserves. Except from black cats who belong to the neighbours and attack her and hurt her paw.

Sophie had to have some antibiotics to help her out after the scrap she had with said black cat. Poor thing. She's very lethargic and so spent most of the time we were there on this blanket in my old bedroom. Yes, that is the wallpaper on my old bedroom wall. I didn't choose it, ok?!

I had some lunch with Mum and Dad while Paul chilled, and we headed home at about 4pm. The sat nav took us a ridiculous way, and I was cursing a LOT. Having done the journey north many times, I know that I am right and the sat nav (whom we have named Prudence) is wrong.

Driver is not amused at Prudence's directions.

Driver is probably not amused at me taking pictures of him while driving. And calling him driver, I imagine.

We got home eventually, and I curled up in a large ball, as my head decided that it still wanted to hurt me. I dislike it when it makes that decision.

We entertained the kitties, and settled down on the sofa to catch up on last night's X Factor. 80s night. Most of the contestants were born in the 90s and DON'T GET IT. They're all really blah, except the over 25s, but the pretty little boys will always win because of teenage girls having mobile phones. Seriously. What happened to asking the bill payers permission?!

Paul cooked dinner which was lovely and I watched Strictly, then we watched X Factor. Meh. Why we do it to ourselves I never know. I get the feeling that this might be the year we stop watching. Although let's be honest - there's kinda nothing else on TV over the weekend!

Then it was time for Downton! Now I've caught up with ITV, it means I get to watch it weekly! Aftermath of a particularly brutal episode. It could be very interesting!

After that, it was 10pm and time for sweet beddybyes after a long weekend!

12/10/2013 - Coz we're FAMILEEEEEEEEE!

The alarm didn't go off. Oops. We should have been up and raring to go at 7am. We both woke up at 7:22am. Ouch. That 20 minutes makes all the difference, guys! It meant no breakfast!

We packed up and headed off south down the M6, for we were going to visit my older sibling, and his pregnant wife to help paint the nursery!

Baby isn't due until February, however this was the only time we were really able to help! I love painting (even though it gives me ouchy ribs) so of course I volunteered!

We got down to my bro & sis's house by 10:30am, where we managed to persuade my bro to make us a brew and bacon sandwich before we got started! Very nice too, even though there was pretty much no brown sauce left. I had a slight spatter of it over my bacon. Fail, brother of mine. Fail.

Then we set to work. First up - clear the room and cover the carpet to protect from paint splash.

Bro working hard.

Spouse also working hard!

 So we're starting with a large white room. The house is only 1 year old max (less than 1% of the age of my house!) and so has been newly painted already. Therefore we are only painting the walls. No ceiling or skirting, thank goodness!

So then it's time to prep the paint!

You know that piece of wood that you keep to one side, knowing that it's perfect for stirring paint, and how that's a good sign you're getting old? Well. My bro has just the piece of wood. Only, it's a little larger than what most people would consider for paint stirring...

I think he enjoyed it though.

Yep - we're painting the room yellow. They haven't found out whether they're having a boy or a girl, so nice neutral yellow is the way forward! Not just because they had yellow paint...I think...

Anyway, the boys did the main body of the painting and I did the edging and cutting in. I find it quite theraputic!

We did the first coat and then went for lunch at the local pub. I was still pretty full from the bacon sarnie earlier but nibbled on some potato wings as I watched my siblings and spouse devour their dinner. Although the baby then decided that it wasn't hungry any more, so Annabel gave some to Paul who promptly polished that off as well!

We went back and while I was chatting to Annabel, Michael got back on with the painting. I went up to join him, and then Paul joined in, so we got it done. I carried on doing my corners but it was giving me a bit of a headache. So I did what I could and then bowed out to let the boys finish off.

Annabel and I went shopping for a few bits for dinner, and to get some air. Still not working. I took some pain killers and had a banana. Still didn't help. This isn't good.

My parents came over to join us for dinner but I still wasn't right. We had Spag Bol, cooked from scratch by my bro, and while people were enjoying a nice drink, I had water. Yep, that's right - no wine for whiney!

I had to leave to sit in the dark a little as their new house is very bright. It made me appreciate how dim our house is! I don't like bright lights!

I also made friends with my niece and nephew kitties!

This handsome chap is Boris.

 This pretty lady is Bellatrix!

She is teeny tiny. About the size of one of Barney's legs I reckon! She's so lovely though and daft as a brush!

After a bit of rest, we had pudding of New York Cheesecake, and then headed back into the lounge to give people the slide show of our wedding pictures.

I think there were some tears from the mother. Which is nice. I do like tears!

Mum and Dad eventually left to go home, and we stayed up and chatted some more. My headache had gone so I had a little tipple of wine.

Paul started on the bourbon, and I started getting tired, so us girls (and bump) went to bed and left the boys to it.

Ever felt like you're being watched?

Friday, 18 October 2013

11/10/2013 - A different kind of work!

Fridays are great, aren't they?

They're extra special and great when you don't have to go to work on them! WHOOP!

Yep, I took a day off! I could go crazy and do crazy things with my day off! Party and get drunk and go swimming and stuff.



I didn't do any of that stuff. I did ironing. LOTS AND LOTS OF IRONING.

It needed doing and I have been putting it off too long. So I just sucked it up and did it. For about 8 hours.

I didn't take a picture as I was so busy ironing.

Well, that and watching crappy movies on Netflix!

I watched the whole of 'The Proposal', with RyRey and Sandra Bullock. Corny. Not the most offensive movie in the world.

I then tried to watch 'Confessions of a Shopoholic'. I thought I would like this. I lasted less than 10 minutes. I enjoyed the books. I was not convinced by the beginning of the movie. Besides, Becky Bloomwood should be set in London, not America. Sorry. No.

I then watched 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'. It wasn't what I expected it to be. I didn't love it but it didn't offend me. Maybe paying attention to it, rather than ironing might make me enjoy it more. Although there's a drunkard named Caroline in it. Hmmmmm.

Next I started to watch 'The Back-up Plan' with J-Lo and Alex O'Loughlin. Yep. Couldn't finish that one either. McGarrett would never get himself into such a pickle!

Then, out of despiration, I watched 'Magic Mike'. Yup. There was actually a plot, not just male strippers! Who'd have thunk?! Plus Alcide from True Blood was in it too. Lots of pretty faces!

I gave up on the netflix selection then. The only thing that was catching my eye was The Hobbit. And we own that on BluRay. So I put that on instead!

and just because I can - here's the trailer for part 2! :)

Paul got home a little later than usual after a meeting after hours. I sent him straight out to get some dinner. What did he come back with? Healthy deliciousness?


Hot and spicy chicken wings, coleslaw and corn on the cob. YEE HAW! It was top scran!

We watched the rest of The Hobbit (and I am so excited for the second part in December!) and then channel hopped for a bit to see what was on actual tv.

Maia joined us, which was nice.

 Check out the love eyes I was getting! She loves a good snuggle!

We went to bed at about 10:30 as we had an early start the next morning!

10/10/2013 - Real

We were able to have a little lie in this morning. We have agreed on not gymming until next week to rest my back ready for this weekend and then see how I feel. Good plan.

Paul had to go to London this morning for important meetings. I had to go to work for the usual same old same old.

I wish my job was more exciting. I bet a teacher would have more interesting things to say - telling tales of the ridiculous things that kids say to get out of doing their homework for example. People who work in supermarkets probably have better stories of the unusual combinations of products people buy. Me? I sit at my desk all day. Usually filling in spreadsheets or answering calls to narky clients. BORING.

After a yawn-filled day, I went home and noticed that the postman had been. We don't get a lot of post so this is exciting!

Plus the fact that the mail was addressed to someone we've never had post for before!


My first piece of post with my new name on it! Ok, so the only place I have changed my name is at the doctors, so that explains it, but it's exciting all the same! I really should change my name elsewhere, shouldn't I?!

I sat around watching tv, waiting for Paul to get back from London. He had to come a crazy way as he was allowed to leave early but couldn't get certain trains as he had to officially be off-peak. Stupid rules.

When he did eventually get home, we had dinner and enjoyed the bottle of wine that had happened to sneak into his bag somehow to bring home.

It's a hard life.

He did pay for the wine.

And with that we went to sleep, because, as previously stated, we are so rock and roll.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

09/10/2013 - Converting all your sounds of woe into hey nonny, nonny.

It's the middle of the week! I do love reaching Wednesday as it means that the week is nearly over and that is always good news!

To celebrate the middle of the week, I made myself a treat for breakfast!

Strawberries and pineapple for breakfast! DELISH! Serious yumminess!

Again, another dull day in the office. Can't complain. Was very busy and got loads done, which is the main thing I suppose!

Came home to sort a few bits out for #Whedonsday!

Bangers and mash was on the menu tonight, so Paul got to play with his new pans!

Mmmmm...sweet potato mash and onion gravy...mmmm!

Tonight's viewage consisted of the latest episode of S.H.I.E.L.D and then my delightful purchase from Monday, Much Ado About Nothing!

It was great!

Got to love a Shakespearian song! Paul bought this song from the soundtrack and put it onto my wedding playlist for while I was getting ready! Sadly I only got to hear it after the wedding, but I enjoyed listening to it while relaxing after the fabulous day!

Anyway, I decided to try to take a picture of the film on my tv. Turns out the camera on my phone is pretty awesome. I could almost have been there to take some of these pics!

Note - I wasn't there. These pictures are taken of the movie on my television. Other than me taking them, I own NOTHING! Sadly. I'd quite like to own these people. :)

I think Tom Lenk's moustache needs some special credit here.

I accept that it might be a bit obvious that I heart Nathan Fillion. But hey - it's not a bad thing!

He also moves a lot! So many pictures of him were blurred. Bad fidgity Fillion!

We very much enjoyed watching the film. The downside was that the only extra feature on the blu-ray disc is a commentary by Joss Whedon. While yes, that's excellent, and I can't wait to listen to it, the nerd that I am...WE WANT OUT-TAKES!

After Chris descended into the night, we shut up shop and went to sleep. Because having company and reciting Shakespeare is too much craziness for one night!

08/10/2013 - Catch up and cuddles

My back hurts. Still. I am not amused.

I spent most of today with a heat pack strapped to me to try and ease the pain. I hate being allergic to anti-inflammatory pills. :(

Nothing of note really happened at work today, which won't be a surprise to anyone really!

This evening, while feeling sorry for myself I did a nice big bulk catch-up of my blog. Which, irritatingly, didn't schedule quite how I would have liked it to, and so spammed everyone who follows my blog and follows me on twitter.


Still, at least I had pleasant company while I was typing!

I do love having a Maia cuddle! She'll pad around on the sofa for a while, purring away and making biscuits, then eventually come and curl up on my knee. She does it even more if I have the duvet over me!

To think that a few years ago she did not cuddle at all. She would maybe sleep on my legs if it was really cold, but that's the only time I even got cuddles! Now it's almost as if she thinks "Mum's sitting down. QUICK!"

I sometimes even get a forward roll before she comes and settles down. I'm so lucky! She's a gymnast!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

07/10/2013 - “Pause awhile, And let my counsel sway you.”

Monday really is a sucky day, is it not? Having to get up and go to work after a lovely weekend. Monday should be part of the weekend I think. You need a Monday to recover from Sunday!

My back is sore again. Probably from sleeping on the squishy sofa on Saturday night. IDIOT.

So cue lots of awkward "OUCH" noises from me all day. I sound like an old lady!

Still, at least I got gifts to cheer me up!

WHOOP! Whedon + Shakespeare = Caroline's idea of GOOD TIMES!

This got me through the day somewhat! Even though we wouldn't be watching it for a couple of days, it helps to know that we have something new and exciting to watch on #Whedonsday!

Other than that, the day was very dull indeed. Well, what can you expect for a Monday?!

After work I decided it was about time I wrote a few more blog posts and get them out to the world. We ate some leftovers from yesterday and caught up on some tv!

I then spoilt us for pudding!

I completely forgot yesterday that I had made jellies for us to have while Lucy, Chris and A were over! Which meant that we had yummy delights to feast on! YAY!

HARTLEY's (it's still following me!) strawberry jelly, complete with fresh strawberries and clotted cream topping.

It was very nice too, thank you! I just love clotted cream! All made by me! See - I can make stuff in the kitchen! I don't need my husband to do all of it! Just 99.999999999999% percent of it!

06/10/2013 - Big Scary Giant Cat

Paul woke me up at about 6:30am. I was still on the sofa. Oops.

I went to bed and managed to fall asleep for another hour or two. We then spent a little time pondering what to make for our late lunch for Lucy, Chris and A. We decided on party food. Because that's the kind of people we are!

Paul went to the shops to go and get all the ingredients. I cleaned the shower room. I'm so rock and roll like that! It looks a million times better, even just after a little wipe over, so why don't I do this more often? Oh, because I'm lazy. That's right!

While preparing for our guests, Barney decided to show us exactly how big the pouf is as a chair for visitors.

A whole Barney, all those bellydots and my handbag! Clearly ample space for at least a football team on that pouf!

Maia then decided to help!

 This. Never. Happens.

They're far too close to each other for any good to come of this...

Not a flattering angle for Beep, but he looks rather shocked to be caught in this 'arrangement' don't you think?

Lucy, Chris and A turned up at around 4pm, where we feasted on flatbread pizza, cheese, pineapple and pickled onions on sticks, peanuts, smoked cheese, sausages in chilli jam...haloumi wrapped in prosciutto ham, asparagus tips...Mediterranean bread. Twas a delicious feast.

We also watched a condensed version of our wedding pictures. We wanted to hide some of them, plus we can't expect everyone to sit through as many as we are willing to! A was not impressed that we had turned off Pepper Pig to watch pictures and instead wanted to play with the letters on my fridge. Eventually I relented and went to play with her!

Lucy and Chris watched the wedding video, and I kept playing. A was being adorable, and I was getting lots of hugs and kisses, which are always welcome!

They stayed for a while, which was lovely, and it was nice to be able to just relax and enjoy company, but it got to a stage where A was getting a bit tired, so home they had to go.

Once they left, we picked at food a little more, then watched Strictly, X Factor, then went to bed. Busy day! Being social is tiring work! Just as the kitties, who had to run away from A all afternoon!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

05/10/2013 - Rave Cleanathon II - The Bass takes Control

Nothing beats a good lie in on a Saturday morning, does it? Which is why we had one! Well, why not? A couple of brews in bed is nothing to be scoffed at. My back was a little sore still and I had a bit of stomach ache, so needs must!

What came after was the difficult part. We needed to tidy the house. One room at a time. So I decided that the best place to start would be the bedroom! I used to have the messiest room as a kid, and with two playful cats (and a small house with a lack of storage space), our room seems to get messy really quickly!

It wasn't going to be a quick tidy up job either. I'm talking full on under-bed, move every piece of furniture clean up! And what better way to do it than re-create our rather amazing cleanathon from January, complete with 90s dance hits. Perfect!

Henry got a LOT of use. This is what it was made for! That stone floor did not want to be clean!

Bed up against the window so we can clean up ALL THE CAT TOYS underneath it. These two don't half like knocking toys underneath the bed.

All the crap that needed tidying!

Cleaning and tidying!

Barney enjoys the upturned mattress. He can sun himself, is tall and can see which of his favourite toys have been unearthed!

While tidying we had to say goodbye to an old friend.

The cats between them have taken on Godzilla and won. Who knew two domestic kitties could beat such a legendary monster?

We have a replacement, which Paul gave me for Christmas, however as it's a little better quality than it's previous version (which was out of a newspaper) it's not quite ready to be put on the wall!

I worked jolly hard at tidying up, so much so, I even did damage to myself!

Yup. I broke a nail. Ok, its acrylic, but at the same time, my hand now looks ridiculous. Those are my wedding nails and THEY WON'T COME OFF! Usually when I've had a full manicure, they've come off within the few weeks afterwards. Not this lot. Seriously. It looks like I'm going to have to grow them off!

I had a call from my friend Lucy who wanted to come over to see the wedding pictures, so we invited her over for lunch tomorrow. Which meant I needed to tidy the downstairs of our house as well! Paul had been working on the kitchen, but there was the shower room and the living room to do. EEK.

So after pretty much finishing the bedroom, I moved onto the living room, where I watched Strictly while making things pretty.

I was so pleased with my work that I forgot to take a picture of it all neat and tidy. Oops.

Paul went out to a leaving do for an old friend. I wasn't feeling particularly well, so stayed home to keep tidying. I didn't expect him to be as late as he was! He took himself straight off to bed as he was a little bit tipsy! I managed to finish all of Downton that I had on Blu-Ray and started watching the Christmas episode that I hadn't seen yet.

And fell asleep on the sofa.