Sunday, 13 October 2013

01/10/2013 - Pinch Punch!

It's the first of October. September really just flew by, didn't it?!

It was another morning where we didn't gym. My back is a bit iffy so I'm trying not to aggravate it. It sucks though because I really want to gym!

I got to work nice and early today, ready for a fun day in the office.

It wasn't fun. I ate loads of chocolate. Bad Caroline.

Also my teapot which was so pretty and decorative isn't looking very well.

It's probably too warm in here. Still - it makes me sad. Once it's drooped it's final flower, I may replace it with something a little more sturdy. Like a cactus. Not sure I can plant a cactus in there but if I can get a small pot it could work? Or maybe a mint plant? I like mint plants!

Work was dull. T came back in with tales of her birthday weekend and between us were given loads of work to do for A by the end of the week. I was annoyed because my other boss has also given me loads of work to do and both of them state that their work is more important. I hate it when that happens. I will do when I can as I can and if it's not good enough then they'll have to find each other about it.

I went home in a bad mood which was only brightened by Paul coming home and us watching some new TV and relaxing. How to make a Caroline less stressed in one fell swoop!

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