Tuesday, 15 October 2013

04/10/2013 - Got to love Friday!

Due to my back issues, there was another day without gym. I am starting to feel REALLY guilty about this. But got to get the back better, and going nuts at the gym probably isn't the best way of doing that, right?

It's a bit mingy out now. Summer has definitely gone, Autumn is here and Winter is coming. I think my umbrella pattern is foretelling the woes to come.

In all honesty, I did not realise that my umbrella had skulls on it. At least it only cost me a couple of quid. I don't need to be too embarrassed about it, right?

Work was work was work. I dislike it very much. It was boring and there was no prosecco at the end. Therefore it was boring.

After work I came home and waited for Paul to join me. He was very prompt in doing so, and brought a nice special bottle of Shiraz as a treat! First pay cheque in new job! Whoop!

Very nice it was, too!

We didn't do anything exciting yet again. Because we're boring. We settled in for a night in front of the television, watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which was fun, and then 8 out of 10 Cats, which I discovered when watching it that I had participated in a survey to provide some of the statistics! Awesome! I helped make that show!

During the advert break, I got offended at something I saw. To the extent I had to pause the TV to show Paul.

This baby has an ear piercing. SAY WHAT?!

How could a parent do this to a child? Yes, they'll get over the pain easier as they won't remember it as long, but SERIOUSLY? Putting a hole in your baby's ear is acceptable? What does the baby care? It's vanity on a parent's part. Ok, I know some cultures encourage it etc, and I don't know anything about that and cannot judge. But a baby with an ear piercing is wrong to me. Shame on you, Johnsons, for showing this. Wrong.


I also discovered this evening that a piece of our wedding DIY had been featured on my very favourite wedding blog - Weddingbee!

I was pretty happy (understatement) to discover this and might have made one or two scream-y noises!

I also got a spiffy badge to show on my blog, which you may have noticed in the top right hand corner where the wedding countdown used to be! That will take you to the page you see above!


All the excitement got me pretty tired and so I went to bed. Busy day to be had tomorrow...

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