Tuesday, 15 October 2013

05/10/2013 - Rave Cleanathon II - The Bass takes Control

Nothing beats a good lie in on a Saturday morning, does it? Which is why we had one! Well, why not? A couple of brews in bed is nothing to be scoffed at. My back was a little sore still and I had a bit of stomach ache, so needs must!

What came after was the difficult part. We needed to tidy the house. One room at a time. So I decided that the best place to start would be the bedroom! I used to have the messiest room as a kid, and with two playful cats (and a small house with a lack of storage space), our room seems to get messy really quickly!

It wasn't going to be a quick tidy up job either. I'm talking full on under-bed, move every piece of furniture clean up! And what better way to do it than re-create our rather amazing cleanathon from January, complete with 90s dance hits. Perfect!

Henry got a LOT of use. This is what it was made for! That stone floor did not want to be clean!

Bed up against the window so we can clean up ALL THE CAT TOYS underneath it. These two don't half like knocking toys underneath the bed.

All the crap that needed tidying!

Cleaning and tidying!

Barney enjoys the upturned mattress. He can sun himself, is tall and can see which of his favourite toys have been unearthed!

While tidying we had to say goodbye to an old friend.

The cats between them have taken on Godzilla and won. Who knew two domestic kitties could beat such a legendary monster?

We have a replacement, which Paul gave me for Christmas, however as it's a little better quality than it's previous version (which was out of a newspaper) it's not quite ready to be put on the wall!

I worked jolly hard at tidying up, so much so, I even did damage to myself!

Yup. I broke a nail. Ok, its acrylic, but at the same time, my hand now looks ridiculous. Those are my wedding nails and THEY WON'T COME OFF! Usually when I've had a full manicure, they've come off within the few weeks afterwards. Not this lot. Seriously. It looks like I'm going to have to grow them off!

I had a call from my friend Lucy who wanted to come over to see the wedding pictures, so we invited her over for lunch tomorrow. Which meant I needed to tidy the downstairs of our house as well! Paul had been working on the kitchen, but there was the shower room and the living room to do. EEK.

So after pretty much finishing the bedroom, I moved onto the living room, where I watched Strictly while making things pretty.

I was so pleased with my work that I forgot to take a picture of it all neat and tidy. Oops.

Paul went out to a leaving do for an old friend. I wasn't feeling particularly well, so stayed home to keep tidying. I didn't expect him to be as late as he was! He took himself straight off to bed as he was a little bit tipsy! I managed to finish all of Downton that I had on Blu-Ray and started watching the Christmas episode that I hadn't seen yet.

And fell asleep on the sofa.

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