Wednesday, 16 October 2013

06/10/2013 - Big Scary Giant Cat

Paul woke me up at about 6:30am. I was still on the sofa. Oops.

I went to bed and managed to fall asleep for another hour or two. We then spent a little time pondering what to make for our late lunch for Lucy, Chris and A. We decided on party food. Because that's the kind of people we are!

Paul went to the shops to go and get all the ingredients. I cleaned the shower room. I'm so rock and roll like that! It looks a million times better, even just after a little wipe over, so why don't I do this more often? Oh, because I'm lazy. That's right!

While preparing for our guests, Barney decided to show us exactly how big the pouf is as a chair for visitors.

A whole Barney, all those bellydots and my handbag! Clearly ample space for at least a football team on that pouf!

Maia then decided to help!

 This. Never. Happens.

They're far too close to each other for any good to come of this...

Not a flattering angle for Beep, but he looks rather shocked to be caught in this 'arrangement' don't you think?

Lucy, Chris and A turned up at around 4pm, where we feasted on flatbread pizza, cheese, pineapple and pickled onions on sticks, peanuts, smoked cheese, sausages in chilli jam...haloumi wrapped in prosciutto ham, asparagus tips...Mediterranean bread. Twas a delicious feast.

We also watched a condensed version of our wedding pictures. We wanted to hide some of them, plus we can't expect everyone to sit through as many as we are willing to! A was not impressed that we had turned off Pepper Pig to watch pictures and instead wanted to play with the letters on my fridge. Eventually I relented and went to play with her!

Lucy and Chris watched the wedding video, and I kept playing. A was being adorable, and I was getting lots of hugs and kisses, which are always welcome!

They stayed for a while, which was lovely, and it was nice to be able to just relax and enjoy company, but it got to a stage where A was getting a bit tired, so home they had to go.

Once they left, we picked at food a little more, then watched Strictly, X Factor, then went to bed. Busy day! Being social is tiring work! Just as the kitties, who had to run away from A all afternoon!

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