Wednesday, 16 October 2013

07/10/2013 - “Pause awhile, And let my counsel sway you.”

Monday really is a sucky day, is it not? Having to get up and go to work after a lovely weekend. Monday should be part of the weekend I think. You need a Monday to recover from Sunday!

My back is sore again. Probably from sleeping on the squishy sofa on Saturday night. IDIOT.

So cue lots of awkward "OUCH" noises from me all day. I sound like an old lady!

Still, at least I got gifts to cheer me up!

WHOOP! Whedon + Shakespeare = Caroline's idea of GOOD TIMES!

This got me through the day somewhat! Even though we wouldn't be watching it for a couple of days, it helps to know that we have something new and exciting to watch on #Whedonsday!

Other than that, the day was very dull indeed. Well, what can you expect for a Monday?!

After work I decided it was about time I wrote a few more blog posts and get them out to the world. We ate some leftovers from yesterday and caught up on some tv!

I then spoilt us for pudding!

I completely forgot yesterday that I had made jellies for us to have while Lucy, Chris and A were over! Which meant that we had yummy delights to feast on! YAY!

HARTLEY's (it's still following me!) strawberry jelly, complete with fresh strawberries and clotted cream topping.

It was very nice too, thank you! I just love clotted cream! All made by me! See - I can make stuff in the kitchen! I don't need my husband to do all of it! Just 99.999999999999% percent of it!

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