Tuesday, 1 October 2013

08/09/2013 - First Day of Married Life!

I got about 4 hours sleep. Which isn't bad. I might have dozed for a bit but I could hear Paul coming to, and wasn't sure what sort of state he would be in!

He had a bit of a headache. Which I guess is not the worst he could be!

I can't remember if I said in yesterday's post that my Dad in his rather merry state had run off with my phone in his pocket! So I had to check out what was going on in the real world on the laptop until they came by later on to drop it off.

Naturally, of course, it was time for the official Facebook change. Because if it's not on Facebook, it's not true!

Please note that Caroline Kirkham and Paul Kirkham got married, but I'm still Caroline Hartley in the top right corner! Took ages for that to change! Plus also see some more of our pre-wedding pics right there! :)

Not content with the day being over, I decided that my hair accessory needed another go. After all, I paid money for it, I want to wear it!

Rocking that veil!

Anyone curious about the final state of my dress. Well - here you go!

Disgusting! That's the sign of a good party right there!

Katie and Matt (best woman and her man) popped by to drop off Paul's bits and bobs from yesterday, so we decided to pop open a bottle of prosecco! Breakfast had just been delivered and what better way to feel better the next day than good ol' hair of the dog? Not that I needed it, as I hadn't drunk anywhere near the same amount as the boys, but any excuse, right?

Paul could only have one as he had to drive later on, so muggins here had to finish the bottle. It's a hard life.

 This is staged. I didn't drink it out of the bottle. Promise. Not this time, anyway! Yep - I'm still rocking that veil. Pretty much did all weekend, to be honest!

I can't remember if I showed you these - Katie had some sterling silver cufflinks engraved for Paul as a wedding gift!

 If you can't see, that says "C&P 07/09/13". That's something that only a best woman would think of, right?!

Mum and Dad came by as we were packing to deliver my phone. Dad had needed to walk off some of last night's wine (hahaha) and they had been to the nearby churchyard to place some of our wedding flowers on my maternal grandparents' grave. They were then heading over to Blackburn to do the same on my paternal grandparents' grave.

Even with a 2 hour later check out, it was all too soon time to leave our palacial room. Just so you can get even more of an idea of size, this is our room from the carpark.

All that bit above the archway was ours! Not sure that really does the size justice. But if it looks big to you, you're right - it was!

After stopping at the supermarket to see if they had any of yesterday's papers (they didn't...boo!) we got back to the house and Paul carried me over the threshold! I was a bit scared as our front door is very slim, but we made it, he didn't drop me and I didn't hit anything! SCORE!

I had forgotten quite what a state the house was in so we made some space on the sofa and settled in to watch a film. What's the first film a newly married couple watches the day after their wedding? Only Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring, of course!

I also put my gorgeous bouquet in water to try to keep it fresh as long as possible.

This pic makes me happy as I remember how gorgeous my flowers were. But I think of them now, as I've tried to dry them out and they're all brown and sad looking. :( One day I'll order a replica and get them preserved but til then the brown crispy version will have to do!

Oh, and everyone that was at the Hartley/Kirkham wedding please note. I had made paper cranes as decorations for the table out of pages from a battered copy of Lord of the Rings (NERD ALERT!) and I would just like to show you exactly how much of the book I used!

This roughly equates to the Appendices and the last couple of chapters. Yes, I worked from the back. I had used some of the middle pages as decorations for the place cards, but on the whole, the main story is still intact! Although a bit pointless now. I might have to make other decorations with the other pages. Not sure what. Hmmmm. I best get my creative head back on!

Oh, and those guests who took their papers cranes apart - shame on you. They took me hours to make. I hope you're proud of yourself for making the bride angry on her wedding day. Ok, angry is a strong word. Cranky? Feel like she wasted some of her precious (see what I did there?) time? I put one back together on the table after SOMEONE had made it into a paper aeroplane (thanks Alex) and I know my great mate Chris also re-folded a couple. They were supposed to bring us good luck and you un-folders RUINED THEM. I hope you feel suitably guilty. I wish I had put the guest's name on every one of them so I knew who had done it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


We were feeling a little peckish at this point so decided to treat ourselves to a curry at the local curry house. We were both shattered and so this was exactly what we needed.

Tired newlywed selfie!

We had some lovely food and headed back home to watch a little more 'Rings' before bed. Where I promptly passed out.

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