Thursday, 17 October 2013

08/10/2013 - Catch up and cuddles

My back hurts. Still. I am not amused.

I spent most of today with a heat pack strapped to me to try and ease the pain. I hate being allergic to anti-inflammatory pills. :(

Nothing of note really happened at work today, which won't be a surprise to anyone really!

This evening, while feeling sorry for myself I did a nice big bulk catch-up of my blog. Which, irritatingly, didn't schedule quite how I would have liked it to, and so spammed everyone who follows my blog and follows me on twitter.


Still, at least I had pleasant company while I was typing!

I do love having a Maia cuddle! She'll pad around on the sofa for a while, purring away and making biscuits, then eventually come and curl up on my knee. She does it even more if I have the duvet over me!

To think that a few years ago she did not cuddle at all. She would maybe sleep on my legs if it was really cold, but that's the only time I even got cuddles! Now it's almost as if she thinks "Mum's sitting down. QUICK!"

I sometimes even get a forward roll before she comes and settles down. I'm so lucky! She's a gymnast!

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