Thursday, 3 October 2013

09/09/2013 - Clearing Up

After a much needed tiny little lie in, we had to get up and up, because we had to get over to Southport to collect everything that was left at our wedding venue!

Originally we had planned on going away today, and Mum and Dad would have gone to collect everything.

Well. It's a good job we went too. The cars were filled to the brim! All the flowers that hadn't been taken, the teapots, everything from the tables, the easel, our pictures, LEFT OVER BOOZE! Yep - full car!

And it started raining. Because what trip to our wedding venue doesn't include rain?!

We decided that instead of sorting everything in the rainy carpark, we'd put everything into any car and get it back to ours to sort out.

Our car was so full, I had company in the front seat!

One of the gifts we got for the Mums. We decided that instead of a bunch of flowers that would wither and die, we'd get them a rose plant. That way if they do wither and die, it's their fault! Much cheaper than a bouquet as well! :)

After sorting some stuff and prying some of the flowers off my mother who seemed determined to keep everything, we sorted some more stuff into the car to deliver bits and bobs back to the places they needed returning to!

First up, we went to see Lucy and A for some lunch and to drop off and collect some stuff. I got my unworn beloved ballet shoes back (hmph) and gave A her wand (which she had instead of a bouquet) and some entertainment bits that they had left behind. Oh, and a great hunk of cheese and wedding cake!

From there we went to the florist to take back the pots that had contained the table centrepieces and the vases which had kept the bouquets fresh. We also gave them the wood slices that had been such a nightmare to get hold of, as what would we do with 13 slices of tree?!

We then took the tree slice which had so beautifully held our cheese cake back to the cheese people. They weren't expecting it so soon, which was nice! We'll definitely get a cheese cake again. They were awesome and so friendly!

We then came home for a bit as we were both knackered! I sorted a few nick nacks out that we had brought back from the wedding!

I love this gravy boat! I had to keep this one over any of the teapots because I love it so much. I did manage to wrestle two teapots from my Mum as well, but this has pride of place!

After a bit of a chill out and a sort out for our mini moon, we headed over to Paul's parents' house as I was severely missing my fur-babies!

They were fine. Of course they were. They were sort of pleased to see us. Barney was his usual funny self, but Maia kept her distance, thinking that we were going to take her from her favourite house! Not today, sweetie!

While I was there I took a picture of one of the flower displays that had been a table centre piece. My Mum had thrust one into Paul's Mum's hands as she was leaving, so I finally got to study one properly!

So pretty!

We retired quite early as we had to get up and go at a reasonable time the next day. Ready for our mini-moon adventure! :) :) :)

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