Thursday, 3 October 2013

10/09/2013 - ROAD TRIP!!!

I woke up REALLY disorientated this morning. I really had no clue where I was! I had a Maia trampling all over me, which is rare as it's usually Barney. Then I realised that I was at Paul's parents' house and we were going away today! YAY!

Paul's Mum decided to take today off to wave us off and she also kindly filled the car with petrol for our journey! Paul also contacted the hotel where we were going to stay and wangle us an upgrade! Great start to the morning!

I was organising the stuff we were going to take with us and decided to pack a few cameras.

These are ones that were left over from the wedding but hadn't been finished. Ok, some of them hadn't been started either! May as well use them to get some pictures taken though, right?! We had hoped that the local Sainsbury's would be able to develop one or two for us. Alas, no.

Wardrobe cat is judging you.

My cousin gave us these in our wedding card. I loved them. I think they're still at Paul's parents' house now actually, as I moved them somewhere safe so that the cats wouldn't lose them! Aren't they cute? I love elephants!

Paul had a quick shower before we headed out, so I gladly looked after his wedding ring. No excuses for losing it, Mr K!

Three rings for the elven kings under the sky...

Then off we went for our trip! We were heading up to Appleby-in-Westmoreland for a few days at Appleby Manor! We had found a pretty good deal online and hey - we love a good trip up to Cumbria, so why not?!

Got to take a selfie or two in the car. Because it's a ROAD TRIP!

WHOOP! We're going to the Lakes! :D :D Be prepared for pretty view - spam!

It took us about an hour and a half to get up to Appleby. We were still too early to check into the hotel, so we parked up and had a little stroll around the village. Then, bored of strolling, we went to the pub and had a cheeky drinklet.

Aw. Ain't we cute?!

My former surname is following me wherever I go! I can't escape Hartley!

From there we headed to our quaint hotel and got unpacked and settled in. We made reservations at the in-house restaurant for 7:30pm and then chilled out a little bit with a bottle of fizz. Because that's what we do!

We got ready and went for dinner but made the rule that we weren't going to take our phones with us. Telephones at dinner are awfully antisocial! Hence we didn't get any pictures of our food. Sorry about that.

We had a selection of canap├ęs to start, followed by a butternut squash...soup I suppose it was, which was delicious.

For starter, Paul had scallops and I had roasted quail, then for main Paul had (copied from the website):

 Assiette of Fell Side Lamb
Roast rump, mini shepard's pie and confit shoulder of Cumbrian Lamb with celeriac puree, buttered peas & carrots and finished with a redcurrent jus.

I had:

Duo of Rare-Breed Pork
Slow-cooked belly and roast tenderloin accompanied with potato cake, creamed cabbage, apple compote, baby onions and cider jus.

These meals were fantastic. So delicious and tasty.

I was really full following dinner but as part of our upgrade they had given us a 4-course dinner, so had to have a pudding as it would be rude not to. Paul had lemon tart (which was lovely) and I had ice cream, which were 3 different flavours and very nice too!

We still had some wine left, so we headed into the conservatory to finish up. They have an amazing selection of whisky at the bar, so Paul sampled a couple of them. Not really my thing but I'm sure they were delicious!

We then headed back to our room and to bed. We were planning on a short hike the next day so needed to get some rest! 

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