Friday, 18 October 2013

10/10/2013 - Real

We were able to have a little lie in this morning. We have agreed on not gymming until next week to rest my back ready for this weekend and then see how I feel. Good plan.

Paul had to go to London this morning for important meetings. I had to go to work for the usual same old same old.

I wish my job was more exciting. I bet a teacher would have more interesting things to say - telling tales of the ridiculous things that kids say to get out of doing their homework for example. People who work in supermarkets probably have better stories of the unusual combinations of products people buy. Me? I sit at my desk all day. Usually filling in spreadsheets or answering calls to narky clients. BORING.

After a yawn-filled day, I went home and noticed that the postman had been. We don't get a lot of post so this is exciting!

Plus the fact that the mail was addressed to someone we've never had post for before!


My first piece of post with my new name on it! Ok, so the only place I have changed my name is at the doctors, so that explains it, but it's exciting all the same! I really should change my name elsewhere, shouldn't I?!

I sat around watching tv, waiting for Paul to get back from London. He had to come a crazy way as he was allowed to leave early but couldn't get certain trains as he had to officially be off-peak. Stupid rules.

When he did eventually get home, we had dinner and enjoyed the bottle of wine that had happened to sneak into his bag somehow to bring home.

It's a hard life.

He did pay for the wine.

And with that we went to sleep, because, as previously stated, we are so rock and roll.

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