Thursday, 3 October 2013

11/09/2013 - Minimoon Day 2!

We woke up at a fairly decent time. It's nice to not set an alarm, isn't it!

We headed downstairs for breakfast where Paul had the full english (of course) and I had pancakes with a blueberry compote. Delicious!

We then got changed and headed out into the big bad world and made for Penrith to do a little walking. This is all very well, except we got caught in traffic. Wonderful.

See how happy traffic made Paul!

This temporary traffic light took (and I'm not joking) about 10 minutes to let us have the right of way. We had a massive queue behind us. We were not amused.

We found a car park and then followed some instructions in a book we had to take us to the Penrith Beacon. You can find more information about it here.

It wasn't a long walk and it was slightly soggy but warm. We made it to the top none the less.

The views were a little marred by all the tall trees but we got a glimpse of the view over Penrith.

We also took a closer look at the Beacon and noticed a familiar name etched into the brickwork.

 T Hartley. That's my Dad. Rebel!

I took more pictures but on the leftover disposable cameras so I don't have those yet.

The route we were supposed to take back down from the beacon was closed as they were felling trees (hmph) so we had to come back down the way we came. The entrance to our little walk way was right next to a place which also had a familiar name...

Caroline Cottage?! It's MY HOUSE! MINE!

We still had lots of time on our hands so headed into Penrith for a look around. And a cream tea, of course! Sadly they didn't have clotted cream. Only squirty variety. But it will do!

 They also have a problem with rogue apostrophes. I was a bit of a grammar nut and took pictures of their little...mistakes...

BEAN'S?!?! CHIP'S?!?! CAKE'S?!?!

Still, they made up for it with this:

They put a tea cozy on their tea pots! SQUEEEE! We nearly bought one as they had one which was a cat but they were quite expensive. I'm regretting it now, though.

From there we had to go out in the rain. It was a minging day in Cumbria. We walked for a bit and saw some of the local sights but we decided that there was nothing for it but a beverage in a local ale tavern.

The one we picked has actually been in the news before as being haunted! Couldn't pass up an opportunity to see that, could we?! See the article here. (Sorry it's from the Daily Mail.)

Paul and his pint. No ghost.

My pint. Orange juice and lemonade. No ghost here either. Booooooo.

We headed back to our hotel after exhausting everything to do in Penrith. It's a very pretty place but lacking in...well...anything!

We went into the lounge area with a thought to playing a few games, however I had a bit of a headache, so settled for a cup of tea and Guess Who!

We decided to dine out this evening, as quite frankly the restaurant, while amazing, was a little pricy! We went to a local place called The Midland Hotel and ate there instead.

I can't remember exactly what we ate, but Paul took a picture of the specials boards so you can salivate over that!

The savoury cheesecake sounds amazing!

We headed a little further towards town and picked up a bottle of wine and then headed back to the hotel to chill some more. We did a lot of chilling!

Oh, and Paul made a friend.


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