Monday, 7 October 2013

12/09/2013 - Minimoon day 3!

We awoke to glorious sunshine and the sound of birds singing in the trees. I love the countryside!

We headed for breakfast, where I had crumpets with bacon and homemade ketchup, which were delicious, and then had a brew or two before deciding to head out and explore Appleby a little!

This is the front of our hotel. Rather grand, is it not?!

We decided to walk it into the village, as it was only a mile or two and such a lovely day!

A pretty view over the river. Seriously quaint stuff here!

We followed a little information sheet to see what there was to see, and then headed up to the Castle, hoping to get a tour. Unfortunately there wasn't one until 2pm, so we had some time to kill before walking to the tourist information centre to book

Doomgate. Not something I think you'd want as part of your address. Although now I type it, it could be quite cool!

Sadly they weren't running the castle tours today, but we booked onto one for the next day! So for the rest of the early afternoon we wandered around the village, checking out the cute views!

Extremely low level in the river!

A whole half pint!

We wandered back up to the hotel after a while, and then went for a stroll around the gardens at the hotel. We made a few friends and once again took in the view.

Just so pretty!

We went back indoor and Paul decided that we should take full advantage of the leisure suite at the hotel! By leisure suite. it had a rather dingy looking pool, a jacuzzi, and steam room (which didn't seem to work) and a sauna. We partook in a jacuzzi and sauna and relaxed as much as you can in a bathing suit surrounded by completely glass walls and strangers walking past!

Once back in our room, it was after 5pm so we cracked open a bottle of wine to toast our last night away!

Yes, we drank the wine out of champagne flutes. We had no option!

We headed down to the in-house bistro for dinner. Not quite as lavish as our first night's scran but equally delicious. We shared some picky bits as a starter and then I had a locally sourced Ploughmans while Paul had a pork and chorizo casserole. That was AMAZING. I was very jealous!

We both had puddings which were nice, then we headed back up to our room to finish our bottle of wine.

We were both quite tired and had lots to do tomorrow.

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