Saturday, 19 October 2013

12/10/2013 - Coz we're FAMILEEEEEEEEE!

The alarm didn't go off. Oops. We should have been up and raring to go at 7am. We both woke up at 7:22am. Ouch. That 20 minutes makes all the difference, guys! It meant no breakfast!

We packed up and headed off south down the M6, for we were going to visit my older sibling, and his pregnant wife to help paint the nursery!

Baby isn't due until February, however this was the only time we were really able to help! I love painting (even though it gives me ouchy ribs) so of course I volunteered!

We got down to my bro & sis's house by 10:30am, where we managed to persuade my bro to make us a brew and bacon sandwich before we got started! Very nice too, even though there was pretty much no brown sauce left. I had a slight spatter of it over my bacon. Fail, brother of mine. Fail.

Then we set to work. First up - clear the room and cover the carpet to protect from paint splash.

Bro working hard.

Spouse also working hard!

 So we're starting with a large white room. The house is only 1 year old max (less than 1% of the age of my house!) and so has been newly painted already. Therefore we are only painting the walls. No ceiling or skirting, thank goodness!

So then it's time to prep the paint!

You know that piece of wood that you keep to one side, knowing that it's perfect for stirring paint, and how that's a good sign you're getting old? Well. My bro has just the piece of wood. Only, it's a little larger than what most people would consider for paint stirring...

I think he enjoyed it though.

Yep - we're painting the room yellow. They haven't found out whether they're having a boy or a girl, so nice neutral yellow is the way forward! Not just because they had yellow paint...I think...

Anyway, the boys did the main body of the painting and I did the edging and cutting in. I find it quite theraputic!

We did the first coat and then went for lunch at the local pub. I was still pretty full from the bacon sarnie earlier but nibbled on some potato wings as I watched my siblings and spouse devour their dinner. Although the baby then decided that it wasn't hungry any more, so Annabel gave some to Paul who promptly polished that off as well!

We went back and while I was chatting to Annabel, Michael got back on with the painting. I went up to join him, and then Paul joined in, so we got it done. I carried on doing my corners but it was giving me a bit of a headache. So I did what I could and then bowed out to let the boys finish off.

Annabel and I went shopping for a few bits for dinner, and to get some air. Still not working. I took some pain killers and had a banana. Still didn't help. This isn't good.

My parents came over to join us for dinner but I still wasn't right. We had Spag Bol, cooked from scratch by my bro, and while people were enjoying a nice drink, I had water. Yep, that's right - no wine for whiney!

I had to leave to sit in the dark a little as their new house is very bright. It made me appreciate how dim our house is! I don't like bright lights!

I also made friends with my niece and nephew kitties!

This handsome chap is Boris.

 This pretty lady is Bellatrix!

She is teeny tiny. About the size of one of Barney's legs I reckon! She's so lovely though and daft as a brush!

After a bit of rest, we had pudding of New York Cheesecake, and then headed back into the lounge to give people the slide show of our wedding pictures.

I think there were some tears from the mother. Which is nice. I do like tears!

Mum and Dad eventually left to go home, and we stayed up and chatted some more. My headache had gone so I had a little tipple of wine.

Paul started on the bourbon, and I started getting tired, so us girls (and bump) went to bed and left the boys to it.

Ever felt like you're being watched?

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