Saturday, 19 October 2013


I woke up at 2:30am and was very sick.

I eventually got back to sleep again and when I woke up second time it felt like someone was jabbing a red hot poker through my temple and into my eye.

That's right, folks. Migraine attack. Just perfect. Typical when I am using a different bag so I don't have any medication. Just wonderful.

I wasn't at all well but had to put on a brave face. I actually just preferred to be lying down in the dark. Not good.

My bro was a trooper and as soon as the shops opened, he went out to get me some medicine which is a) very expensive, and b) not easy to get if the pharmacist is being picky. As my bro used to sell the medicine, he managed to blag it, for which I am massively grateful.

After the tablets kicked in, we had another brew then packed to head off. Not going far though - only to my parents' house!

We said we'd stop by to see them and see the kitties before heading back up north. The cats had been in a bit of a fight the previous weekend, so they were a bit jittery but it was still  nice to see them.

 You all remember Commadore Charles Zeus Zoltan III Hartley, right? Well, he's still as dashing as ever and a funny little fella! He loves to play, but then again he is only a baby (compared with my kitties, anyway!) and loves nothing more than to carry mouseys about the house!

 You should also remember the gorgeous Sophie. No, her name isn't as grand as Charlie's but she's his mama, so she gets all the respect she deserves. Except from black cats who belong to the neighbours and attack her and hurt her paw.

Sophie had to have some antibiotics to help her out after the scrap she had with said black cat. Poor thing. She's very lethargic and so spent most of the time we were there on this blanket in my old bedroom. Yes, that is the wallpaper on my old bedroom wall. I didn't choose it, ok?!

I had some lunch with Mum and Dad while Paul chilled, and we headed home at about 4pm. The sat nav took us a ridiculous way, and I was cursing a LOT. Having done the journey north many times, I know that I am right and the sat nav (whom we have named Prudence) is wrong.

Driver is not amused at Prudence's directions.

Driver is probably not amused at me taking pictures of him while driving. And calling him driver, I imagine.

We got home eventually, and I curled up in a large ball, as my head decided that it still wanted to hurt me. I dislike it when it makes that decision.

We entertained the kitties, and settled down on the sofa to catch up on last night's X Factor. 80s night. Most of the contestants were born in the 90s and DON'T GET IT. They're all really blah, except the over 25s, but the pretty little boys will always win because of teenage girls having mobile phones. Seriously. What happened to asking the bill payers permission?!

Paul cooked dinner which was lovely and I watched Strictly, then we watched X Factor. Meh. Why we do it to ourselves I never know. I get the feeling that this might be the year we stop watching. Although let's be honest - there's kinda nothing else on TV over the weekend!

Then it was time for Downton! Now I've caught up with ITV, it means I get to watch it weekly! Aftermath of a particularly brutal episode. It could be very interesting!

After that, it was 10pm and time for sweet beddybyes after a long weekend!

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