Monday, 7 October 2013

15/09/2013 - Last day of rest!

Today was our last day before going back to reality. So we needed to sit around and do a great deal of nothing.


We didn't even unpack!

I downloaded a new book by a lovely lady I follow on twitter. I am still reading but I am enjoying what I am seeing so far!

I had more than 34 minutes left in the book! No idea where Kindle got that idea from!

We really did relax for the rest of the day. We watched some TV, messed about on the computer and finished our post-wedding break in a manner to which we have become accustomed...

 Not content with just drinking fizz...

Wensleydale and cranberry with chilli jam on biscuits. Perfect pud!

I think Maia was happy to be home! It's hard to be a Maia. So stressed.

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