Monday, 28 October 2013

15/10/13 - Technical problems Tuesday!

Ok, so there weren't really technical problems today as such. Just with me trying to publish this post!

You see, the letter T on our laptop stopped working and instead decided to tab up to the browser bar, rather than DO WHAT WE WANTED IT TO! This was the case on all browsers so I had to give up for a while.

It's now fixed. The only down side is that I can't really remember much about what happened! I'll give it a go for you though. I'm nice like that! I really hope I tweeted something...NOPE. Hmmmm.


I'm guessing that we went to the gym this morning, because we're good people, and then went to work.

Judging by the plethora of emails I sent today at work, I was having a very productive day of clearing a load of the crap I have accumulated over the past few weeks!

Our office franking machine has been playing up something shocking, and decided today that it was going to run out of ink completely and not even attempt to print anything. It's a temperamental bugger of a thing!

After work, I got home and was planning a really productive evening, but instead I sat and messed about on my laptop. Because I'm lazy. And I like it!

Paul decided to treat us to a beer that my Dad had given us. Except it doesn't look much like a beer...

It looks like a chocolate drink or a coffee with cream on top! Nope - it's a beer. I was a bit afraid of it, but it was acceptable while we watched How I Met Your Mother and other televisual greats!

For dinner we were being boring and having a spanish omelette. Well, we can't have dinner being boring, can we?

Yes, I play with my food. No, I'm not ashamed of it!

Then I believe we did nothing of note so probably had a slightly later night than either of us would have wanted, and went to bed.

At a guess. Because we're predictable really aren't we?

I bet anyone who reads this blog could stand in for me, guess what we did of a day and get it pretty much bob-on!


  1. Yep. Have one for the next few draws. Fingers crossed! ;)