Monday, 7 October 2013

16/09/2013 - Mrs Kirkham's first day at work! Ever!

Time for the happiness bubble to end and the feel of monotony set back in again. Booooo.

No gym this morning as I could have done with being in work early. So heigh ho, it's off to work I go. Plus I had a terrible night's sleep. But that's always the way when you have to go back to work!

Before I went, I took the disposable camera out of my bag as it had got a bit mangled. Sure enough, the cover had fallen off!

And it showed a clearly recycled FRENCH camera inside! We shop at the Carrefour when we're in France! It was meant to be!

Obviously, it's a good thing that they recycle these cameras as there isn't that much in the way of call for them now I suppose, but they could attach the cardboard cover a little better!

I gave Paul a couple of cameras to take in to get developed at some stage this week. Hopefully he will be able to.

I decided to take some decoration to the office to spruce the place up...and also guilt trip the miserable blighters who didn't come to the wedding!

 I think it looks jolly dandy! It's now moved to the windowsill so it can get a little more light. It's not looking quite as dandy as it did here!

People eventually came in to the office and I was able to catch up with T and get her take on our wedding day. I also got to hear the sob stories of the people who didn't make it for whatever reason. A had told me he had a family party. Apparently that didn't happen. J went to a food and drink festival during the day and had eaten bad seafood so didn't feel well enough to come. He didn't even text to let us know or anything. Not that we would have got it during the actual day, but it would have been nice to have known the reason why he didn't make it.

After about an hour of being back at my desk it didn't feel as though I had been away. I hate it when that happens.

After work we came home and did a little tidying up, but mostly had an early night to try to catch up on our rest.

Yes, my blog posts have gone back to being mundate again. Sorry. All the exciting stuff has happened now!

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