Tuesday, 29 October 2013

16/10/2013 - Playing with Pictures

I remember what happened today! WHOOP!

Day started off very much the same old same old. No gym (it's a Wednesday) and then off to work, blah blah.

I had ordered some new ink cartridges for the franking machine (or Frankie, as he is known here) and they were delivered late.

I exchanged them for the ones that were already in there. Nothing. Still 'empty' apparently.

I figured that maybe the sensor needed cleaning or something.


I took apart what I could take apart, and noted that the ink had been leaking, so cleaned everything up.


So now we have a bust franking machine and I looked as though I had committed a violent murder as I was covered in red ink!

I came home and soaked my hands for a while hoping it would come off. It was better than it had been but still not perfect.

Note the slightly redder fingers, the red splodges etc. Lovely.

Still - no time to dwell as it's #Whedonsday!

Chris came over and we watched The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which was good fun. We ate sausage and cranberry risotto, which was delicious (and I neglected to take a picture of it...oops) and drank beer!

Paul got this one especially for me! I call it Hubert, which was my Grandad's name, and therefore, by default, it's going to be amazing!

Earlier in the day (it's all coming flooding back to me now!) I had discovered that some of the pictures I had taken, and considered uploading to other blog entries had been made into gifs by Google! While I don't like that all my pictures I put on here are accessible through my google+ (that I didn't really want) and therefore can be seen by anyone who has my email address rather than people who linked to my blog, these gifs are nifty!

Let me see if I can upload them here!

 Maia giving me love eyes and Nathan Fillion. Because...yeah. You know. :)

 I am going to try to make more of these! They make me giggle! If google are going to auto-back up my images and switch the option back on even when I switch it off, I'm going to make full use of the facility!

I also discovered that my phone could make gif things as well. With most of the picture static and something moving, if you like.

This was my first attempt. Maia's ear has caused a little issue with it but otherwise it amuses me! I will get better at this too!

After Chris left, we chatted for a bit then went to bed. Crazy reckless end to an evening or what?!

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  1. How gify.. ;) They are really good, especially the last one..