Wednesday, 30 October 2013

18/10/2013 - Time for a little relaxation!

Happy 30th birthday to my cousin Karen! :)

Up nice and early for the gym again! We're getting back into this habit, ain't no mistake!

From the gym, the usual get up rigmarole and then to work.

Then I draw a blank a little. I can't remember what really happened today! Isn't that always the way with me?!

I got through work and survived. I made it home and was able to relax for the first time aaaaallll week! If I thought I was relaxed during the week, not as much as I was this evening.

Say hello to my little friend! ;)

A lovely glass of something red doesn't half help relax you after a busy week! Possibly not the best idea after my head has been so dodgy all week, but boy did it taste good!

We watched some tv for a bit and then had a browse through Netflix to see if there was anything we fancied.

(Sorry for the blurry pic)

We might have to check out Tucker & Dale vs Evil at some stage! Not this evening though. We settled on regular Friday night viewage.

We watched 8 out of 10 cats, as ever, and then Alan Carr's chat show...which had Britney Spears on it. Her botox is doing her no favours. I don't understand the desire to make your face not move! Sure, I wish I didn't have the laughter lines around my eyes and worry lines on my forehead but I don't want my face to not move at all. I want to look like I'm happy when I laugh - not make noises that sound like a seal!

Then to bed. Busy and exciting day tomorrow! :)

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