Tuesday, 8 October 2013

19/09/2013 - Big ol' pile of nothingness!

Today was a non-day. REALLY boring. Nothing exciting to report at all! But I'll try. Just because I like you, darling readers!

We did the usual get up and go to the gym. I ran for a little while, and started to feel pains in my hip again, which isn't good. Any of you runners or athletic professionals? Any idea why my right hip gets ouchy when I run? I wear proper trainers for my gait and everything.

I got back and was feeling sorry for myself. I was scrolling through twitter and found a little surprise!

My hair and make up lady took this pic and has posted it a couple of days after our wedding! I had no idea until today!

I like it! I'm a little bit pretty!

I came to work and had loads to do as ever. I moved a pile of files out of my way and discovered this!

I kinda think it looks like a wonky heart! Just me?

That literally was the highlight of my day! It's bad that, isn't it?

After work I came home and vegetated somewhat. I've been doing that a lot recently! It's just nice to be able to not feel guilty about doing naff all for once! I'm sure I'll miss having a project to work on at some point...but it is not this day!

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  1. a little bit?? *shakes head* you silly girl. You were (and are) beautiful!