Tuesday, 8 October 2013

20/09/2013 - SUIT UP!

Friday morning. Still with an ouchy hip so was only able to do arm weights at the gym. Such a disappointment!

We came back and had some time to kill as I was at the doctors this morning. So yay! Nothing serious at the doctors - just a prescription review.

We decided that having extra time in the morning meant that we could dress Barney up! Because there is nothing better than a cat in costume!

 See how happy he is to be wearing a tie?! He's fancy!

I think it suits him. He's dressed like the character we named him after - Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother! Nothing suits him like a suit!

I was only an hour late to work, which isn't a big deal, and I cracked on with the usual BS that Friday seems to bring.

Paul, on the other hand, was at home waiting for a new car to be delivered! A company car! WHOOP!

Check out our shiny new wheels!

Naturally I couldn't wait to sit in it once I finished work. We aren't allowed to drive it until Monday though. Boooo.

The view of our old car from our new car! Artsy, no?

One of the best bits - there's space in the back! There are doors to get into the back and space to put stuff! Which there isn't in Paul's current car!

Headroom! WHOOP!

We decided that we were going to go out for a bite to eat after work, so we went to The Town Hall where we live which is a bar/restaurant that has just re-opened after a refurb.

It was ok. I don't think it's quite decided what it wants to be yet. It looks quite nice and modern, but it's also trying to be a student bar, offering free burgers and cheap drinks. Cheap shots etc. Hmmmmm.

We both wanted something to eat so we shuffled round to the restaurant area which was REALLY quiet. Paul had a burger and I had lasagne. It was average. Could have been far better but could have been far worse.

My main source of amusement came when reading the wine menu. My first point - I wanted a dry white wine. It was sweet. URGH.

Second point - one of the wines had an amusing (to me) name:

Furious Boar sound like a tribal name! I should have tried it to see if it was furious in any way!

Third Point - I guess they forgot to test the Merlot...

Or maybe when tasting there were no notes of anything? Printing fail right there. WHY DON'T PEOPLE PROOF READ?! Says me, who rarely proof reads my posts before putting them out there! :)

We headed home and then relaxed for the rest of the evening. Because we could, gosh darn it!

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