Tuesday, 8 October 2013

21/09/2013 - Shiny and New!

I was so ill in the night. Really sick. Not good in any way. Stupid Town Hall and your Stupid Lasagne.

I decided I would wallow in self pity for a while and stay in bed. Then my parents decided that they were coming to visit, so I got up and got myself ship shape to try to be social.

I know it's only 2 weeks since the wedding, so why are my parents' visiting again? Well they had some business with the family in Blackburn and as we're kinda on the way back, they'd pop to see us!

I needed to go into town and so we all went!

One bonus of taking my parents to town is that I could upgrade my phone! You see I have had my phone and number for a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrry long time! So long, it was my father who set up the contract. Here we are, 10 years later, and my phone contract is still in my Dad's name. We've tried to change it. It failed. So if I am to go and upgrade in a shop, I have to take my Dad with me to sign for it. A 30 year old married woman who needs Daddy to sort her phone out. Tsk.

So we went to the first phone shop and stood and waited for about 10 minutes. We were't even acknowledged. Disgusting.

We walked out of that shop and to another one about 5 minutes away which was in the busier part of town. We were acknowledged and within 5 minutes seated with an advisor.

They were busy, as the new 1ph0ne 5c was released yesterday. Well that sort of explains it, but doesn't make the poor customer service any more acceptable.

So a new upgrade was organised. I'm paying £10 less a month and get far more for my money. It's good to shop around sometimes! Plus I get 4G, which apparently is a big deal!

I haven't taken a pic of the phone. I got a white S@msung G@laxy $4. (Don't want people searching for phones to stumble on my blog. Although if they still make it after my symbol replacement, HELLO!). It's nice! My old phone was an S2 and it served me well, but the battery life was coming to a close I think. I am letting my Dad have it (as he went swimming with his smartphone!) so he just needs to get a new battery for it and it's good to go!

Want to see the first pic I took from my new phone?

Daddy Hartley driving us back from town!

Paul called shotgun!

Before Mum and Dad left to head back home, Mum let me copy her pictures from our wedding. She also let me take the video that my brother had made of the ceremony and a few other bits and bobs. So we sat watching that for the rest of the evening!


I loved the video. My cousin interviewed a few people and my bro recorded it. I sounded very posh indeed but hey, it's our wedding! It was nice to see people enjoy it!

It had got a bit late, so we rebelled and had Dominos for dinner.

Most disappointing pizza ever. There was a slice with literally nothing on it, it wasn't sliced evenly at all. How the heck did this pass quality control?


Still ate it, like.

Anyway, for the rest of the evening, we watched X Factor and bitched about our crappy pizza. I played with my new phone a little as well. Because I do like a new toy!

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  1. OK, that is really really odd about that slice.. I mean it isn't even like it is a normal size slice either.. kinda like they purposefully cut it so it would be topping free