Tuesday, 8 October 2013

22/09/2013 - Sunshine = walkies!

Only a little lie in for us today as we should try to be less lazy. Never going to happen but a gal can dream, right?!

Two people who were being lazy were our kitty cats! It's rather warm out so naturally it's too hard to be them on a day like this.

We decided to make Barney a bed. We have an old pillow which is just hanging around, so we decided to cover it with hessian which was left over from the wedding, and see if they like it! They usually love sleeping on the hessian so this is an interesting experiment!

They didn't like it. So I had to improvise...

 Cat nip. Works like a charm!

Maia doesn't need no pesky hessian human pillow! Her upside down bed is perfect for her, thank you very much!

 Pretty little sunbathing sausage!

As it was so delightful outside, we got dressed (BOTH of us in shorts!) and went for a walk around where we live. Not intentionally we were looking at houses that were for sale. Interesting...

Paul wears shorts in winter. But still - this proves that we left the house!

There are some interesting bits and bobs round where we live. Including this:

We've seen this random building around and passed it many times but didn't actually know what it was until today!

A drunk tank. Perfect!

We got home at about 4pm. I sorted some washing and did domestic stuff while Paul cooked and jeered the football.

We had a lovely roast dinner, watched X Factor then went to bed nice and early. Big day tomorrow...

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