Wednesday, 9 October 2013

23/09/2013 - Bright New Beginnings

What an awful night's sleep. Seriously. About 4 hours in total due to loud neighbours, stomping Barnacles and my brain not switching off when necessary!

Still went to the gym though! Paul wanted to go so I was a good wife and went with him. It was probably the best thing to do as it might help keep me awake a little longer this morning.

Today was a very special day as Paul started his brand new job! Hence the car arriving on Friday! He's been out of work for a little while now, which has sucked and been very tough. Generally if I've mentioned bad news this year but not said what it was, it was to do with this. By the same token, when we've had good news, it's been job related too! Although maybe once it was the news of my sister-in-law being pregnant...but the rest of the time it was job related! It's taken a long time for the i's to get dotted and t's to be crossed but they have been and now he gets to go back to being an awesome...(thinking of a cool job that Paul can do so he has a secret identity)...SUPERHERO! Yes. Paul is now back to being a superhero.

Just imagine him complete with cape and an eye mask. If I was any good at photoshop I would totally be on that!

I got to work and was very sleepy. Paul did give me a lift in the new car though, which was nice!

I then made it through the day somehow. I didn't like not hearing from Paul all day as I had got used to the odd email or text, but I best get used to it! He did manage to get out early, so I got a lift home as well!

The only downside was that he had to pack up as the next day he was going to Kent for 3 days meaning I have to be alone. And COOK FOR MYSELF.

Absolute travesty.

We packed him up ready for an early start tomorrow morning, then watched the new episode of Castle.

Then we went to bed at a fairly reasonable time. The alarm was set for an unreasonable time. I just hope Barney feels friendly and doesn't go a-stompin' all night long!

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