Wednesday, 9 October 2013

24/09/2013 - HAPPY BARNIVERSARY!!!

Yep - today marks the 3rd anniversary of when we rescued Barney from abandonment and certain death. True story!

The girl who had him as an 8 week old kitten had just found out she was pregnant and decided that she didn't want him any more. She tried all the local rescue places and they were all full (sob) and the only place that had a spot for him was riddled with cat flu. She was almost ready to take him there (bear in mind that at 8 weeks old he had no immune system or had any injections etc) when she put a plea out on facebook and my colleague at the time who was friends with her saw it. I had been thinking about getting a kitten for the whole of that week, so when she asked did I want a kitten, I pretty much said yes on the spot...then ask Paul if he was ok with it...although he tells the story differently.

So we went to collect Beep, who was Gomez back then, and brought him back in a box and kept him in the spare room for a week so Maia could get used to him. I'd hope she'd love him like a son. NOPE!

Barney then, at approximately 10 weeks old:

Bad blurry camera!

Barney now, at 3 and a bit years old:

You can still see the same goofy look on his face, am I right?!


The alarm went off so early even Stompa-Claws (see what I did there?!) hadn't woken up! Neither had I, to be honest. Paul got up, showered, made us both a brew and then headed off into the great unknown until Thursday night leaving me alone. Waaaaa.

I was veeeerrrry tired again today. I managed to get myself into work and managed to get through the morning's chores. I decided to take a stroll to The Swan (nearby village) to drop off a couple of disposable cameras from our wedding, and as luck would have it, they would be ready after work for me to collect! So that gave me incentive to get through the rest of the afternoon!

I went and collected the pics (which are funny) and headed to Tesco to get a sad lonely b*st*rd meal for one for this evening. I had exciting plans which revolved around a yummy dinner...

I meant to get fish fingers but the fillets were cheaper. Still. Very delicious!

My plans for the evening?

 Oh yes. Downton, Fish (finger) sandwich and a glass of red wine. Very nice too, if you ask me!

I really was not tired though. I couldn't get tired even after switching off the tv. It made me sad.

So chances are, another night of naff-all sleep and no husband to cuddle. :(

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  1. Happy Barniversary to ALL of you.. (hopefully now even Maia will agree he is a good thing )