Friday, 11 October 2013

27/09/2013 - Naughty Friday

I've probably used that title before. I don't feel bad about it though. Because naughty Friday is exactly what this is!

Work was rubbish today. Was doing loads of bits for my boss. He wanted me to change the address on his driving licence. I said that I need his driving licence to do it. He said "I'll bring it in this weekend and leave it for you" then 3 hours later asked if I had done the address. When I said "I need your licence to be able to do it" he went off on one. YOU NEED TO TELL ME THESE THINGS...I CAN'T READ MINDS...JUST ADMIT THAT YOU FORGOT...

I didn't bite. I said between rants that I had told him that morning and that he said that he would leave it on my desk over the weekend for me to do it. He spent the rest of the day in a grump and grumbling at me. Meh. That's when he realised I was right and he had said that.

It's now 2 weeks later (sorry) and he's still not left me his licence. I'm expecting him to shout at some point again. After nearly 7 years I get annoyed at being shouted at when I've done nothing wrong, but I also expect it! I don't get upset about it any more!


It's the last Friday of the month and it's also colleague T's birthday this weekend! YAY! So what better way to celebrate but our now-traditional cheeky glass of prosecco at the end of the day!

Now we've done it two weeks running, we don't need an excuse any more. This is how it is!

After work I went home to drop off my laptop and feed the cats before going into town to meet Paul. We'd been sent a voucher for a free bottle of bubbly for a local pub/restaurant when we had dinner. Well, we didn't want to waste that!

As it was the end of Paul's first week in his new job, what better way to celebrate?

After the 5pm chaos had cleared, I got the train to town to meet Paul at his new offices, where I met his boss and another colleague, and then we headed over to the pub.

We gave them our voucher and were seated. We were greeted with these:

 Paul does so love to photobomb...

We had a mixed starter, which was rather epic in proportion. It was very nice too. Then for main, I had chilli marinated beef kebab...

...with flatbread and moroccan couscous. It was very tasty indeed!

Paul had a hot and spicy pizza.

We also ordered some chips. FAR to much food! Paul couldn't eat all of it! I had to help him out! When does that happen?!

It was a really good meal, and as I only drank the free bubbly, it wasn't that expensive either.

I was a little merry afterwards though!

We went home and started watching TV, and Paul got to watch the episode of S.H.I.E.L.D that Chris and I had seen on Wednesday. I...well...fell asleep. So sent myself off to bed.

I'm so antisocial! I blame the fizz. So technically it's T's fault, right? She shouldn't have her birthday at the end of a month... (excuses).

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