Friday, 11 October 2013

28/09/2013 - HE'S BEEN! HE'S BEEN!


Ok, so techincally not. It feels like it though. The excitement of waking up and wondering if Santa has brought you the present that you asked for in that letter that your parents sent the dubious address...

Confused? Well, it's wedding present delivery day! Does it make sense now?!

We had a delivery window of between 7 and 12pm. So we were awake nice and early in case they came at silly o'clock. Which in some ways we hoped that they would.

They didn't.

They arrived at about 11:10am.

Santa's elves (in high-vis jackets so not to ruin their elf outfits Mrs Claus is pressing ready for December) unloading the sleigh!

What a haul we got!

Unfortunately, a few of our gifts had been discontinued or were out of stock, so we weren't able to get those and they were converted to gift vouchers. I was devastated about one of them. So much so that I'm going to save the vouchers until next year when something similar will be back in stock so I can get it then. Stupid seasonal products.
 New kettle! :)

 A PANTHER! I ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE! (Of course the cats got in the boxes. Duh.)

 Paul opening his new pan set. He was the happiest boy ever!

Yes, Barney, another box for you.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So sue me!

Our block calendar arrived with this date. I love this, however it had to go back. The blocks have the numbers 0-5 on BOTH of them so we can't put every date up. We don't have every day of the week either. It's awful. It's really scuffed as well. Bad, John Lewis. Very bad. My parents got it for me as my Grandparents had one similar. Well, they don't make 'em like they used to!

He's still opening the pans, prolonging the pleasure!

After the excitement of the gifts, Paul had to go to the football, leaving me to tidy up! Typical!

Two other people that didn't care:

Barney using the Barney bed! All of his own free will! No nip needed! WINNER!

I had to make some space as I wanted to do some ironing, and while I was doing so, I noticed one of our fancy new cushions had a dirty mark on it.

Again, not impressed, but it might come out with some persuasion, so we'll leave that one be. Want to see the complete cushion haul?

Paul went a bit nuts with the scanner in the cushion section and we ended up with these 3! I think we need at least one more to complete the collection. There's one with a cat on it that I quite like...

Oh look. Barney's in a box again. Big shock there.

When Paul got back from the football, we settled in to watch some of our usual Saturday night television. We also christened some of our new white wine glasses.

I think I'm in heaven. They're perfect! Light but still quite big. No lip. Just wonderful!

Then to bed, as we have another fabulous day ahead of us tomorrow!

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