Saturday, 12 October 2013

29/09/2013 - Memories & near misses!

We weren't really able to lie in this morning either. This weekend sucks for lazy time!

We had to be up and out at a reasonable hour as we were heading over to our wedding photographer's house to FINALLY see our wedding photos!

We left the house with plenty of time to spare, however as we were heading towards the M6, a Police car decided to do a Gandalf impression.

He was telling us "Do Not Pass". We had no idea why! We were stationary on the motorway for well over 5 minutes before being allowed to move again! Then the Police car seemed to vanish! It's not for me to say it was speeding and doing well over the speed limit, but one moment it was there and the next it was not. Hmmmmmm...

We were only 10 minutes late or so and were greeted with Bucks Fizz and fruit for our photograph viewage!

They were wonderful. It took about 45 minutes to see them all (!!) but it was so nice to be able to look back on our day and remember the bits that had passed us by so quickly! I did get a little teary a couple of times but I don't think that anyone noticed! Besides, the star of the show was Flowergirl A for being so Goddamn cute ALL. THE. TIME!

Our photographer, Lesley, is lovely and an absolutely amazing photographer. She does very few weddings, but does family shoots, pet shoots and is an award winning wildlife photographer. Check out her work. It's worth the time! :)

After leaving Lesley's (and meeting her two adorable dogs, Bill and Bob!) we made to head home but hit a small snag...

 Just to make that quite clear:

 Yup. We're out of diesel. We knew there was a petrol station nearby but we didn't know exactly how near nearby was. We were getting a little scared. In the old car, when the light came on to say that there wasn't much petrol left, we knew there was a good few miles left to get us to a petrol station. We don't know this car yet.


LUCKILY we made it to the nearby Morrisons and were able to put some diesel in with and make it safely home. PHEW! We got some shopping while we were there, and also treated ourselves as Lesley had given us the taste for bucks fizz!

Once we got back and had chilled the fizz and orange enough, we plugged our copy of our wedding photographs into the tv and had a second look.

I'm not going to put any of them on here just yet, as they really should be watermarked, but as soon as I have decided which ones I want to show you (there are currently too many! I love them all!) I will organise that and share them with you!

Our second viewing took AGES. We put the slideshow on slow and it probably took a good 2 hours to get through them all! A worthy use of our time.

The evening after that was pretty standard. Watch TV, have dinner. Go to bed! Still, we needed down time after the excitement of our pictures and the drama of the car nearly running dry after only having it a week!

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