Saturday, 12 October 2013

30/09/2013 - Alone again, naturally.

It's Monday. I don't like Mondays!

We decided not to gym because we're crazy rebels like that! Plus Paul had to go to Manchester this morning so needed to be out of the house at a reasonable time, which meant we wouldn't really have enough time to go. And of course, I can't go without him...aherm...

Anyway, T was on annual leave today, as it was her birthday yesterday, so I was in our office all on my lonesome today. It's not the end of the world. Far from it! I was able to have the radio on and sing out loud to myself without feeling self conscious!

My boss was around and being his usual self, but didn't shout at me for once! WHOOP!

I got on with my day as best I could, but still looking forward to getting home.

Paul was going to be late because of being over in Manchester, so I had to entertain myself for a while. So out came the Kindle and I did more reading.

I bought a new case for my Kindle last week. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but after this summer and my hands not getting as tanned as the rest of me, I figured I needed one that was a stand as well. I'd been looking in the shops for ages to see if I could find one, but ended up buying it online, along with a case for my phone.

It's pretty perfect for less that £20! Means I can tan my hands on holiday next year!

Paul came back and we have peri peri chicken pittas, watched Castle and then had a fairly early night.

We really are a boring old married couple, aren't we? We need to get out more! :)

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