Saturday, 30 November 2013

10/11/2013 - Naughty little sausages!

A lovely lazy Sunday morning sat in bed randomly browsing the internet. Trying (and failing) to get inspiration for Christmas presents.

The only reason I thought to do this was because so many people on my facebook timeline were talking about PUTTING UP THEIR CHRISTMAS TREE. ARGH! I won't rant about it again, but seriously. It's the 10th November!

Paul cheered me up though.

Cheeky sausage butty! Ketchup is one of your 5 a day, right?

Anyway, Paul had to get to the football, so I had the afternoon/evening to myself. I completed the traditional task of ironing. YAWN. So boring. I watched some tv on Netflix to entertain myself whilst doing it.

At least ironing helps keep you warm! So it's probably for the best!

Plus I had company while I was doing it!

Bellydots! How huff-able is that belly! I did kiss it for all of you, don't worry about that! 

I moved the party downstairs in time to watch Strictly results (as I had to text my Mum with what happened!) and also saw X Factor and the last ep of the series of Downton Abbey. And what a cliffhanger that was! 

Paul came home during Downton and sampled some of the cooking he had done earlier that day to go in the freezer. I had had some before. He made chilli and sausage casserole, which will feed us for a couple of meals! I like stocking up! Shame we haven't got a big freezer for more but it's all good!

09/11/2013 - Saturday Snuggles!

Lazy morning. Because we can and we needed too! Not really getting a lot of sleep at the moment, as Barney is being very demanding for attention at very stupidly early hours of the morning. He doesn't just purr. He doesn't just walk around. He walks ON me. And Barney's no feather.

It hurts. A lot.

So you can probably understand that I don't sleep too long as he's jumping on me at the latest. It can start as early as 2:30am. There is no stopping him. I could put him on the floor but he'll start again. I can ignore him and he'll start scratching at the duvet or pillow by my ear.

Little Beep.

Still - lazy morning in bed mean I get cuddles like this under the duvet!

My ankles make good pillows I think! Plus how ace are my pajamas?!

We did a little tidying up and general bits and bobs but nothing too strenuous because that would mean that we can't enjoy our weekend!

We went up into our loft and put some random bits up there but also brought some stuff down. We have an old oil radiator which we kept up there from last time the heating broke. It's heavy but it doesn't half heat up the room!

Barney was trying to be Daddy in Paul's suit. Even though that radiator next to him was stone cold, he was curled up next to it all evening, airing his bellydots! Handsome boy.

Paul made us a simple yet effective dinner of fake-Nand0s, which was delish.

 Maia let me eat it all without even begging for any! This is a rare and crazy random happenstance!

I'll also take this opportunity to show you our amazing wine glass collection.

No they're not both my drinks. But they're sister glasses and they're fab. That isn't Hobbit-style forced perspective. The red glass is quite large. It's great.

We watched all the usual Saturday night televisual treats and then I sloped off to bed leaving Paul watching music videos. Because I'm a lightweight!

Friday, 29 November 2013

08/11/2013 - Brrr, it's cold in here...

Paul had to be out of the house at silly o'clock this morning. Which sucks. It meant we were both wide awake very early which meant that we would be knackered for the rest of the day.

Yep. That's the truth.

It was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day!

We nearly had a dinner companion this evening, but luckily for us (in some ways) Koran couldn't make it. Instead I made plans with her the following week.

We headed to the shops to get some dinner and a bottle of wine to enjoy for a nice relaxing evening.

I nearly got myself one of these too...

A Cadbury's selection box. Because it's that sort of day. And who could say no to a Curly Wurly or a Crunchie?!

We went home and had something delicious for dinner (I can't remember what it was all these days later...oops...but I'm sure it was amazing) and would have settled in for a nice cozy evening in front of the television if we could get the heating to work.

The radiators are still caput. We have hot water but no central heating. We tried everything we could think of to get it working, but to no avail. So fan heater and duvet on the sofa were necessary. It's starting to get a little bit chilly outside...

A Maia-sized hot water bottle is just the ticket, too!

07/11/2013 - Extra Special Gifts under the tree!

HAPPY SECOND MONTHIVERSARY TO ME AND PAUL! Can't believe we got married two months ago! Seems like only yesterday and also ages ago at the time time!

Another dullsville day at work. Really really dull. Other than a few errands to run, there was really nothing to remember the working day by.


It makes me so mad. So so so so so mad. WHY?! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!


Anyway, I got over my grinch-ness, and headed home to find a gift on my doorstep! Maybe those Christmas trees were lucky for me after all.

The gift was so pretty I didn't want to unwrap it!

It's just so pretty! The lavender sprigs...just aww!

Anyway, I bet you're all wondering what's inside..

It's a customised cushion cover! I got it on 'Not on the High Street' when I had a discount voucher, and it's perfect. It's made of hessian! You can see why I didn't pass it up!

I need to get a better cushion to go inside it, but I love our cushion collection! Makes the cheap ones we actually use on the sofa for comfort look extra specially naff!

We did our usual evening rigmarole of TV, dinner and bed.

We really need to start doing stuff!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

06/11/2013 - It's a Whedon-versary!

I woke up and my face rash is really sore and extra pink. It's spread. Now I'm not photographing it for vanity reasons.,

Extra moisturiser and make up on and away we go!

I moaned and whinged through most of the very busy day I had today. I really was a grumpy gal!

I think I was just too excited to get home because it's #Whedonsday which is always great fun, but even better is that we're starting watching Buffy again! From the beginning! For the 3rd time! Of course, we started with the new ep of S.H.I.E.L.D as is new tradition, and it was a good 'un as well!

No celebration of such magnitude would be complete without pasta bake and foamy beer. Because that's tradition. That's what that is!

Pasta bake probably indicates that Paul is out at work this evening so I had to cook. And yes, that black bit is well cooked cheese. I LOVE me some slightly well done cheese. So that's a treat for me!

We watched 3 eps of Buffy, through which Paul came home from his networking do famished. Shame we had eaten all the pasta!

After our guests left I headed to bed and smothered my face in something that T had brought for me to try to see if extra moisture would help my face.

Intense serum is intense. It feels lovely though!

05/11/2013 - Mews-day!

Another day another lazy morning where Paul and I didn't go to the gym and felt really bad about it but not bad enough to get our backsides out of bed to go there!

I got up to do the 'getting ready for work' stuff, and noticed that I had a small rash on my left cheek. It was rather pink and rather painful. Not amused. Haven't got a picture as it's not that obvious in a photo. As you can't really see it in picture form, I figure it can't be too bad and went to work with my usual make up on.

Yeah. T noticed it pretty early on that I had a mark on my face. Great.

Work was another boring day and uneventful, which is good I suppose. Except I have nothing to tell you lot about!

I came home and waited for Paul to come home from work. At least things get (a little more) interesting from there!

Maia was messing around on the shelves by the TV. When I looked to see what she was doing, this made me laugh a little!

She's making friends with the model cat clan! I like it!

When Paul came in, we had dinner and caught up on our usual Tuesday televisual delights. We got through those pretty quick so Paul started watching the United match that was on television. I was a little bored so I put my audiobook on.

This does amuse me a little bit. Dawn French is an English comedienne and I used to love her when I was a lot younger. This book is quite funny but I wonder if it translate on the page. I think I laugh so much because she's reading the book as well as having written it.

I did get some company whilst listening though.

She's turning into quite the lap cat! I love it.

I took my ipod off to bed, mostly because it needed charging, and fell asleep while listening to it. At least I made it to bed this time!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

04/11/2013 - Crazy rock and roll life!

Monday. I dislike Monday. Full of going back to work and stuff. Not fun.

I really have nothing of note to say about work today. It was really boring. And most importantly I can't remember, I didn't tweet or facebook and barely emailed. Literally. Nothing.

The only thing I remember about today is that I came home from work and did the ironing. Because that's how amazingly dull my life is!

I ironed 9 of Paul's work shirts. That's it. But that's enough. Keeps him clothed and warm and means I have less to iron next time I need to do it!

Once I finished, we watched Castle and went to bed. Joys of getting older - it takes longer to recover from nights out now. While I didn't suffer a hangover, it's the fatigue.

03/11/2013 - Non-Day

Paul woke me from my sofa slumber at around 6:30am. He was very confused as to why I was downstairs, and admittedly, so was I!

When I went upstairs to bed, Paul went to look at his phone. Only it wasn't there. We couldn't find his phone. It wasn't in his suit or anywhere near the bedside table. It wasn't downstairs in the lounge or the kitchen. Uh Oh.

We called it. It went straight to voicemail. Uh Oh again.

After a lot of sitting around and debating how to get a new one etc, I noticed a load of stuff he'd moved onto the floor when going to bed, and on that pile of stuff was my laptop and his phone!


Except it wouldn't switch on. It wouldn't charge. There were water drops on the inside of the camera lens. Yep - we're back to uh oh.

What was alarming was when I looked in our dropbox camera uploads folder, I found this.

(yes, that's me in my bridal get up on Paul's homescreen. I trolled him with it. He's welcome!)

How have we got this screen shot? No idea! Paul was well and truly passed out at this point. The phone took a selfie of itself, showing that it was in safe mode before dying!

Needless to say, we tried to reset the phone but to no avail. We figured that the phone must have got wet, so submerged it in rice to see if that would fix it!

Watch this space!

The rest of the day was non-existent. We almost literally did nothing! Paul stayed in bed most of the day, feeling sorry for himself, and I stayed in bed for a while, then got up and caught up on the previous night's tv that I had missed!

We missed the opening hours of the supermarkets, so we only had one option open to us - take away.

We had a curry. It was very good indeed.

After munching on this then feasting on the evening's televisual treats, it was time for bed again.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

02/11/2013 - Another set of congratulations!

**I really am rubbish at this updating malarky...**

I had a pretty decent night's sleep last night. New pillow is all kinds of awesome!

We had a very lazy day today, which is always good! We watched some tv and chilled out. Much needed indeed.

Then when it hit a reasonable hour, we had to start getting ready as we had ANOTHER wedding to head to! Thankfully (in the nicest possible way) the last one of this year!

We were invited to the evening celebration, which is always nice, so we had more time with which to get ready. And it also meant we could have naughty chilli chicken wings for dinner! :)

Our taxi took AAAAAGES to arrive, and it was raining a LOT outside, so we amused ourselves with a selfie or two!

Paul is still rocking the beard. And also had something on his eyelid methinks. Didn't notice that at the time!

Anyway, you're not here for me to drone on! Here's a stealthy shot of the Bride!

 Their wedding was 50's themed and I think she looked stunning. Plus, the shoes. They. Are. Amazing.

We stood and chatted, and I randomly met someone who used to work for Big Bossman T a few years ago so made some new friends.

Then I lost Paul.

That's where he went. Cheeky cigar with the Groom. Sigh.

He had also gone to get some cash earlier on, and I hadn't seen him for AGES! I think I spent most of the wedding apart from him!

I did find him again when it was time for the first dance.

Aw. Aren't they just lovely together?!

We danced and chatted some more, and then I lost Paul again. He was a little merry, so I figured it was time for us to go home.

We got a taxi pretty quickly, which was good, and it wasn't too expensive either, which is better.

Paul then took himself off to bed and I looked to see if that night's Strictly Come Dancing was on demand yet. It wasn't. And then I fell asleep on the sofa...

Ooops. This is getting to be a habit.

Congratulations I & J. Hope you had an amazing wedding and have a wonderful life together. xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

01/11/2013 - More ourselves!

I love Friday. It's a great day!

Not at work. Friday in work is the same as every other day...except when there's prosecco. Which there isn't this week. I think we should upgrade it to weekly. Because that would make getting through the week far more bearable.

I managed to make it through the day and after work headed into town to get a few bits and pieces with our wedding gift vouchers. We'd had a few ideas on little things to spend some of them on so off we headed to get them!

First up is Mr Squirrel! Another cushion to add to the collection! We felt that there was an imbalance of cushions so needed him to balance it out. We actually wanted a cat one that we had seen online but they didn't have it in stock.

Next up:

My new fancy pillow! I have my Dad's hand-me-down pillow and while it does it's job, it's not the most comfortable thing any more and the memory foam is starting to forget. The above pillow is AMAZING! It can even withstand a Barney bottom, which is a tough feat!

We got back home and had a quick dinner and a chill. Because we're crazy like that. A nice glass of wine was called for!

We watched some tv and generally relaxed. It was pretty ace actually.

And for some reason, Paul wanted me to take a picture of his beard. He's going to keep it I think. See how much like Santa he is by Christmas!

Paul's nostrils and chin folks. He's a handsome hunk, isn't he?!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

31/10/2013 - Spooky Day!

Happy Spooky Day! Yeah, I'm a grinch. I don't do Hallowe'en. Mostly because it's scary round these parts and I don't fancy the tricks that the local scalls might pull if you don't give them enough chocolate.

Anyway, I procrastinated going to work this morning because quite frankly I don't really want another day like the two I have had so far this week. Maia gladly helped me out by lying down on the back of my legs while I was laying across the bed.

Normally first thing in the morning she is trying to convince you that she's never been fed before. This morning she was a bottom-cuddler!

Yes, that's my derriere! The zoom on the camera isn't doing me any favours...

I managed to survive work, which is a relief. Grit my teeth and get on with it.

Remember yesterday's artistic exclamation on the billboard. Well, I think the Myres family aren't very popular round these parts...

Oh Phil, what have you done?!

Now their Mick's doing it as well. Must be serious.

Liverpool: the only place that considers 'eee' a word. Exactly how you'd expect it to sound. An expression of disgust.

I was able to relax again this evening. We were going to go into town but due to Paul feeling a bit poorly, we held off. Stupid me forgot that the reason that we were going to go out was that we were hiding from trick or treaters!

I settled myself upstairs (by dim lamplight) and tucked into my new read:

Basically a book to wrap up (almost) all the character arcs in the Sookie Stackhouse / True Blood books.

I got through it in about an hour. Some stories were quite long and some were rather short. There were births, deaths and a couple of 'see you laters' which made me smile! I'm going to miss that universe!

Paul was late getting home, so we had a late ish dinner.

We only had one trick or treater but as it was after 8:30pm, we ignored them. Seriously, that's too late for cute kids to come round. More like teenagers begging and might smash you up unless you give them cash. No thank you.

30/10/2013 - Gateau, Grass, Growth & Geese

Ah Wednesday. A wonderful day, don't you agree?

The day was rather blah. Nothing much of any note happening to entertain you. I was in a bad mood as ever at work. I couldn't even open the post today. I'm clearly that incompetent.

The best bit about today in work was that one of our lovely associates brought his delightful little grandson in to see us when collecting his mail. Not only did we get a little cuddle and kiss, but we got CAKE!

He can come again!

Chocolate fudge cake on an angry birds plate. Best. Present. Ever. :)

The rest of the afternoon went on as it always does. Afternoons are so slow.

I headed home and saw some new graffiti had sprung up on the billboard by the station.

Apparently Philly Myres is a grass.

If the word 'grass' doesn't make sense to you, I think they might be stating that he informed someone of something. We can only speculate what he knew and who he told.

We discovered a couple of days ago that the radiators weren't getting warm in the house. It was time that I set to and bled the radiators in the hope that it was just a build up of air which is blocking the pipes.

Some of them REALLY needed bleeding. The bathroom upstairs was all air! Which lead to a drop in pressure! Which meant I had to get all DIY! No Dad here to do it for me!

Excuse the dust. There's a wooden panel which covers all this.

I sorted the pressure and YAY! It doesn't work still! So it's not the pressure. This can't be good.

No time to dwell as we had visitors coming over to entertain! When in doubt, send in the troops to help the entertaining!

MAIA! CUDDLING CHRIS! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! I think Chris secretly enjoyed his cuddle with Moo! :)

Tonight, after SHIELD we watched a lovely 90s classic movie - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh Em GEE it's amazing. Peewee Herman should have won awards for his role! Donald Sutherland! Luke Perry! David Arquette! Academy Award winner Hilary Swank in her first ever movie role! With a cast like this, how could it fail?!

It doesn't fail. It's awesome.



Can't believe we're starting Buffy next week for the THIRD time! Eeks! We've been doing this for AGES!

Monday, 18 November 2013

29/10/2013 - Tutti Fruity!

Sorry - slipped behind on the updates again. Bad Robot.

Anyway, today was a very blah day. So blah I literally can't remember anything that happened. It's my own fault for leaving it so long before writing it all up. I really should rectify that!

A-HA! I sent a bucket load of texts to Paul today so I can remember that I was in a REALLY bad mood today as someone had left a load of snotty notes on my desk first thing for me to deal with. Basically telling me how to do my job. I'm not stupid. I've been doing this for a long time. It got me really cranky.

I managed not to commit any heinous crimes and got to lunch time without a hiccough.

This is a blurry pic of my lunch. Fruit salad and strawberry yogurt. Bit dull but tasty all the same!

This afternoon I found out that one of our parcels had gone walkabout, and not delivered to our head office as it should have been. I was getting shouted at for not sending it properly but I was 99% certain that I had. It's always the 1% that gives you niggly discomfort, so I was trying my best to try to work out what had gone on.

It turned out that our Document Xchange company had decided that they didn't want to deliver it to the address I had specified on the label but to a different company instead. That company tried to send it back, stating that they need to deliver it to the address I had written on the label. The deliverers decided that no, this other company (let's call them XYZ) was where our parcel needed to be. ARGH.

Luckily XYZ isn't that far away from our head office, so one of the lads actually had to drive to go and collect it, even though IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY THE DELIVERY COMPANY.

The nice chap from our head office called me to let me know that it wasn't me that was at fault but the delivery company who had put a different delivery sticker on the parcel so it got sent somewhere else.

Panic over, at least. I am still some few weeks later fuming about this.

I probably sat in a grump for the rest of the day. Which wasn't a friendly thing to do, as Paul wasn't feeling very well so wasn't in a great mood either. Oops.

Monday, 11 November 2013

28/10/2013 - Like a bat out of Hell!

You can thank my husband for naming this post. It was all his idea. It will become apparent why in a short while!

No gym this morning because. Well, just because actually!

Straight to work for both of us!

I needed a good productive day today. I was in one of those moods to sort stuff out and tidy up. Which meant that my rather full in-tray and filing needed to be sorted and got gone!

I DID IT! After this was taken I did some dusting as well.

There was a lot of work there to do but at least it kept me busy and now I'm back on top of everything where I should be! Go me! I deserved a pat on the back so I gave one to myself!

The day flew by which was a complete shock to me! That never happens!

I went home and did a bit of tidying up, but mostly vegetated. It's my favourite weekday evening pastime!

When Paul came home he started on making dinner for us to use up the veg that we had in the fridge.

Yup. A lump of onion-y meat! MMM.

Also known as meatloaf!

This is from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food book and it's very good indeed. I polished off the lot. MMM.

After some Castle and other televisual treats, it was time to hit the sack.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

27/10/2013 - Lazy Sunday Afternoon, close my eyes and drift awaaaaaay...

Extra points if you get the title reference!

Anyway, today was a much planned and much needed lazy day. For me, anyway. For Paul, not so much.

He went out for a run with his friend Imaginary Iwan, who is getting married next week! Me, I stayed in bed.

Paul came back, showered and went to the shops. I stayed in bed.

Yep - I'm a lazy cow. But at least I admit it! Plus, it makes a certain Madam very unhappy when I get up and she doesn't want me to...


Once Paul was back in and relaxing with me again, we decided that we needed a few films for our entertainment.

 We started with Skyfall, which is a very good film. Then onto Cabin in the Woods, which is also a very good film! Very entertaining for the afternoon! I then decided that I wanted to watch some of the first season of Alias, so we put that on! Love it!

We had dinner and chilled out in front of the television for the rest of the evening. Nothing particularly exciting but very enjoyable nonetheless. Outrage as Deborah Meaden got kicked out of Strictly Come Dancing, and some act that I don't really care about got the boot from X Factor. They're just the build up for Downton Abbey, of course. A bit of culture on a Sunday night is just what the doctor ordered! Yes, M'lady!

Oh, and if you didn't get the reference in the title of the post, it was to one of my favourite songs when I was in my teens (and it was an older song then...I was born too late!)

Love it!

26/10/2013 - Working on a weekend. Bah.

Happiest of happy birthdays to my big brother Michael! :) Last one as just a husband, next year you'll be a daddy too! EEK! EVEN MORE PRESENTS FOR YOU!

I woke up very early this morning with a very sore head. Yeah. Well done me! Definitely eating better for lunch on a Fizz Friday. I took strong painkillers, and ate a pitta bread (which I late learnt looked like it was starting to go mouldy...extra penicillin, right?!) and went back to bed for a bit to sleep it off. Which helped.

We couldn't stay in bed long as I had agreed to help my big boss out with a rather dull task of clearing out his late father's shed. The joys of being a PA, right? It wasn't a big shed, so it wouldn't take long, and then the contents needed transporting to our storage box on the other side of Liverpool.

Not a problem.

You probably won't remember, but my boss is a hoarder. So when I say clear out his late father's shed, it's actually a load of newspapers that he removed from our office on demand of the building manager, and must have put there. He's only clearing them now as they've sold the house. Still, it could have been the fun things he used to hoard...(yes - I've had this blog since 2009 or so. Wow!)

So we got to the house and packed everything up (Paul helped) and then left my boss there (!!!) and headed over to the storage site.


When we got there the site manager was nowhere to be seen. Seriously. I was getting a little panicked, knowing that we'd hired colleague T's father-in-law to help us and he had his van full. Sh!t.

Luckily, the chap turned up after about 15 minutes and let us into our crate.

It was full already. Uh oh.

Luckily for us, it wasn't filled in the best manner, more like everything was shoved in there, so my lovely husband showed his amazing tetris skills and managed to not only sort what was in there but fit everything else in too, complete with washing machine!

No more room at the inn!

My husband - the best stacker in all the North-West! Moving house is going to be a sinch with him when the time comes!

We headed home, both hungry. Time for breakfast!

Paul had to leave to go to the football and I had no desire in the world to get up from my resting spot. As, again, I had feline company and when they're all sleepy, they're just adorable!

Barney decided to snuggle up with one of my strappy tops. Very cute. I wonder if I could dress him in it...hmmmmm...

This one (from before Paul left) is a snuggly Moo. It's surprising she's not snuggling me there, as that's her usual position of a weekend when I'm being lazy!

Unflattering bellydot shot of the Barnacle! He's not fat, he's big boned! Honest!

Go on, smush your face into that belly! He'll let you huff it for a few moments before starting to hug your head back! It is a very kissable belly though!

I did get up eventually. I had loads of ironing to do, so had to get on with it. It wasn't going to do itself. I was craving sweet stuff but didn't have any and was far too lazy to go and get some. Even a cup of sugared tea didn't help. I survived. Barely.

I got the ironing done though! This is proof!

Barney loves the washing basket, empty or full. So often I have to re-wash clothes because they're caked in Barney fur from him using it as a bed., Naughty little sausage!

It was then time for a night in front of the tv, with all the usual Saturday favourites, and at some point Paul joined me. I don't think we had a particularly late one though, which was good!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

25/10/2013 - How many office workers does it take to change a lightbulb?


It's dress down day! WHOOP!

My lovely sister-in-law had given me some jeans as baby bump means they don't really fit her right now. They fit me, so I am rocking them today! Thanks, sis! I've never been able to share clothes before, except having forced hand-me-downs from my brother (sigh) so this is fun! I hope that once bump becomes baby, I can repay the favour!

Nothing really of note today to discuss through the working day. Which is really dull for you I guess. Literally the only thing that I actually remember happening is that the light bulb in the store room decided to stop working properly. It was like a strobe disco in there!

The building manager agreed to get us a new one but she needed the one that was in there to make sure she got the right one.

Easier said than done. It wouldn't bloomin' come out! They're supposed to be easy fittings. HA!

We had to watch a video on YouTube as to how to remove it!

Eventually we got it down and were able to order a replacement. No more disco for us.

Shame, as it's pink fizz Friday!

It's the last Friday of the month so it's the rules! This month it's pink as it's Breast Cancer awareness day so we had to wear pink clothes. We had to colour co-ordinate!

After work it was time to go home. Paul bought me a nice bottle of wine and we chilled out with the television as we generally seem to do at the moment.

I might have been a little bit merry. I took myself off to bed quite early on. I really need to have a better lunch on the last Friday of the month. Oops.