Tuesday, 26 November 2013

02/11/2013 - Another set of congratulations!

**I really am rubbish at this updating malarky...**

I had a pretty decent night's sleep last night. New pillow is all kinds of awesome!

We had a very lazy day today, which is always good! We watched some tv and chilled out. Much needed indeed.

Then when it hit a reasonable hour, we had to start getting ready as we had ANOTHER wedding to head to! Thankfully (in the nicest possible way) the last one of this year!

We were invited to the evening celebration, which is always nice, so we had more time with which to get ready. And it also meant we could have naughty chilli chicken wings for dinner! :)

Our taxi took AAAAAGES to arrive, and it was raining a LOT outside, so we amused ourselves with a selfie or two!

Paul is still rocking the beard. And also had something on his eyelid methinks. Didn't notice that at the time!

Anyway, you're not here for me to drone on! Here's a stealthy shot of the Bride!

 Their wedding was 50's themed and I think she looked stunning. Plus, the shoes. They. Are. Amazing.

We stood and chatted, and I randomly met someone who used to work for Big Bossman T a few years ago so made some new friends.

Then I lost Paul.

That's where he went. Cheeky cigar with the Groom. Sigh.

He had also gone to get some cash earlier on, and I hadn't seen him for AGES! I think I spent most of the wedding apart from him!

I did find him again when it was time for the first dance.

Aw. Aren't they just lovely together?!

We danced and chatted some more, and then I lost Paul again. He was a little merry, so I figured it was time for us to go home.

We got a taxi pretty quickly, which was good, and it wasn't too expensive either, which is better.

Paul then took himself off to bed and I looked to see if that night's Strictly Come Dancing was on demand yet. It wasn't. And then I fell asleep on the sofa...

Ooops. This is getting to be a habit.

Congratulations I & J. Hope you had an amazing wedding and have a wonderful life together. xx

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