Wednesday, 27 November 2013

03/11/2013 - Non-Day

Paul woke me from my sofa slumber at around 6:30am. He was very confused as to why I was downstairs, and admittedly, so was I!

When I went upstairs to bed, Paul went to look at his phone. Only it wasn't there. We couldn't find his phone. It wasn't in his suit or anywhere near the bedside table. It wasn't downstairs in the lounge or the kitchen. Uh Oh.

We called it. It went straight to voicemail. Uh Oh again.

After a lot of sitting around and debating how to get a new one etc, I noticed a load of stuff he'd moved onto the floor when going to bed, and on that pile of stuff was my laptop and his phone!


Except it wouldn't switch on. It wouldn't charge. There were water drops on the inside of the camera lens. Yep - we're back to uh oh.

What was alarming was when I looked in our dropbox camera uploads folder, I found this.

(yes, that's me in my bridal get up on Paul's homescreen. I trolled him with it. He's welcome!)

How have we got this screen shot? No idea! Paul was well and truly passed out at this point. The phone took a selfie of itself, showing that it was in safe mode before dying!

Needless to say, we tried to reset the phone but to no avail. We figured that the phone must have got wet, so submerged it in rice to see if that would fix it!

Watch this space!

The rest of the day was non-existent. We almost literally did nothing! Paul stayed in bed most of the day, feeling sorry for himself, and I stayed in bed for a while, then got up and caught up on the previous night's tv that I had missed!

We missed the opening hours of the supermarkets, so we only had one option open to us - take away.

We had a curry. It was very good indeed.

After munching on this then feasting on the evening's televisual treats, it was time for bed again.


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