Wednesday, 27 November 2013

04/11/2013 - Crazy rock and roll life!

Monday. I dislike Monday. Full of going back to work and stuff. Not fun.

I really have nothing of note to say about work today. It was really boring. And most importantly I can't remember, I didn't tweet or facebook and barely emailed. Literally. Nothing.

The only thing I remember about today is that I came home from work and did the ironing. Because that's how amazingly dull my life is!

I ironed 9 of Paul's work shirts. That's it. But that's enough. Keeps him clothed and warm and means I have less to iron next time I need to do it!

Once I finished, we watched Castle and went to bed. Joys of getting older - it takes longer to recover from nights out now. While I didn't suffer a hangover, it's the fatigue.

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