Thursday, 28 November 2013

05/11/2013 - Mews-day!

Another day another lazy morning where Paul and I didn't go to the gym and felt really bad about it but not bad enough to get our backsides out of bed to go there!

I got up to do the 'getting ready for work' stuff, and noticed that I had a small rash on my left cheek. It was rather pink and rather painful. Not amused. Haven't got a picture as it's not that obvious in a photo. As you can't really see it in picture form, I figure it can't be too bad and went to work with my usual make up on.

Yeah. T noticed it pretty early on that I had a mark on my face. Great.

Work was another boring day and uneventful, which is good I suppose. Except I have nothing to tell you lot about!

I came home and waited for Paul to come home from work. At least things get (a little more) interesting from there!

Maia was messing around on the shelves by the TV. When I looked to see what she was doing, this made me laugh a little!

She's making friends with the model cat clan! I like it!

When Paul came in, we had dinner and caught up on our usual Tuesday televisual delights. We got through those pretty quick so Paul started watching the United match that was on television. I was a little bored so I put my audiobook on.

This does amuse me a little bit. Dawn French is an English comedienne and I used to love her when I was a lot younger. This book is quite funny but I wonder if it translate on the page. I think I laugh so much because she's reading the book as well as having written it.

I did get some company whilst listening though.

She's turning into quite the lap cat! I love it.

I took my ipod off to bed, mostly because it needed charging, and fell asleep while listening to it. At least I made it to bed this time!

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