Thursday, 28 November 2013

06/11/2013 - It's a Whedon-versary!

I woke up and my face rash is really sore and extra pink. It's spread. Now I'm not photographing it for vanity reasons.,

Extra moisturiser and make up on and away we go!

I moaned and whinged through most of the very busy day I had today. I really was a grumpy gal!

I think I was just too excited to get home because it's #Whedonsday which is always great fun, but even better is that we're starting watching Buffy again! From the beginning! For the 3rd time! Of course, we started with the new ep of S.H.I.E.L.D as is new tradition, and it was a good 'un as well!

No celebration of such magnitude would be complete without pasta bake and foamy beer. Because that's tradition. That's what that is!

Pasta bake probably indicates that Paul is out at work this evening so I had to cook. And yes, that black bit is well cooked cheese. I LOVE me some slightly well done cheese. So that's a treat for me!

We watched 3 eps of Buffy, through which Paul came home from his networking do famished. Shame we had eaten all the pasta!

After our guests left I headed to bed and smothered my face in something that T had brought for me to try to see if extra moisture would help my face.

Intense serum is intense. It feels lovely though!

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