Saturday, 30 November 2013

09/11/2013 - Saturday Snuggles!

Lazy morning. Because we can and we needed too! Not really getting a lot of sleep at the moment, as Barney is being very demanding for attention at very stupidly early hours of the morning. He doesn't just purr. He doesn't just walk around. He walks ON me. And Barney's no feather.

It hurts. A lot.

So you can probably understand that I don't sleep too long as he's jumping on me at the latest. It can start as early as 2:30am. There is no stopping him. I could put him on the floor but he'll start again. I can ignore him and he'll start scratching at the duvet or pillow by my ear.

Little Beep.

Still - lazy morning in bed mean I get cuddles like this under the duvet!

My ankles make good pillows I think! Plus how ace are my pajamas?!

We did a little tidying up and general bits and bobs but nothing too strenuous because that would mean that we can't enjoy our weekend!

We went up into our loft and put some random bits up there but also brought some stuff down. We have an old oil radiator which we kept up there from last time the heating broke. It's heavy but it doesn't half heat up the room!

Barney was trying to be Daddy in Paul's suit. Even though that radiator next to him was stone cold, he was curled up next to it all evening, airing his bellydots! Handsome boy.

Paul made us a simple yet effective dinner of fake-Nand0s, which was delish.

 Maia let me eat it all without even begging for any! This is a rare and crazy random happenstance!

I'll also take this opportunity to show you our amazing wine glass collection.

No they're not both my drinks. But they're sister glasses and they're fab. That isn't Hobbit-style forced perspective. The red glass is quite large. It's great.

We watched all the usual Saturday night televisual treats and then I sloped off to bed leaving Paul watching music videos. Because I'm a lightweight!

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