Saturday, 30 November 2013

10/11/2013 - Naughty little sausages!

A lovely lazy Sunday morning sat in bed randomly browsing the internet. Trying (and failing) to get inspiration for Christmas presents.

The only reason I thought to do this was because so many people on my facebook timeline were talking about PUTTING UP THEIR CHRISTMAS TREE. ARGH! I won't rant about it again, but seriously. It's the 10th November!

Paul cheered me up though.

Cheeky sausage butty! Ketchup is one of your 5 a day, right?

Anyway, Paul had to get to the football, so I had the afternoon/evening to myself. I completed the traditional task of ironing. YAWN. So boring. I watched some tv on Netflix to entertain myself whilst doing it.

At least ironing helps keep you warm! So it's probably for the best!

Plus I had company while I was doing it!

Bellydots! How huff-able is that belly! I did kiss it for all of you, don't worry about that! 

I moved the party downstairs in time to watch Strictly results (as I had to text my Mum with what happened!) and also saw X Factor and the last ep of the series of Downton Abbey. And what a cliffhanger that was! 

Paul came home during Downton and sampled some of the cooking he had done earlier that day to go in the freezer. I had had some before. He made chilli and sausage casserole, which will feed us for a couple of meals! I like stocking up! Shame we haven't got a big freezer for more but it's all good!

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